iOS Release 0.56.0 - New Customer Service Screen



Hello everyone.

iOS release 0.56.0 is now being distributed to the App Store.

In this release:
• You might notice that your Customer Service section has had a bit of a facelift – and we’ve also added some new and much improved FAQ’s.
• Been struggling with crashes when you’ve launched the app or in your card section Struggle no more – that’s fixed.

• Finally, as ever, bugs drew the short straw this week:

  • The winner is unequivocally dissappearing Profile images, particularly when switching between accounts.
  • You can now also in-app-provision your debit card to Apple Wallet before the physical card arrives.
  • Status of Apple Walet Notifications toggle is now properly updated after app launch.

Any questions? I am ready to support you this evening. :hugs:

Add to Apple Wallet not working

Appreciate you getting these fixes out so quick! will update and report back! :slight_smile:

It’s landed!


Profile pictures are back and working. Really like the new Customer Service screen, big improvements to the UX and straight into the FAQs. Good job!

Hopefully these improvements will help reduce customer contact via in-app chat!


I love the fact that Starling listen to feedback…

The new Customer Care area looks fab.


Many thanks

I can confirm for me that the “Add to Apple Wallet” Button works again


This has taken a little heat out of the other thread no?


Lets keep this thread on topic! :slight_smile:


Oh, let’s make sure that the marketing message isn’t diluted…


@Kris Hoping you can help me please?

Unfortunately this release has not fixed my wife’s inability to add her card to her Apple wallet. The Add to Apple Wallet button works and launches the Add to Apple Wallet prompts, however she still gets a message saying her card cannot be added.

Also within card controls, the toggle button for Mobile Wallet is set to off and cannot be toggled to on.

really hope you can help here, as it is driving her mad




The toggle for mobile wallet payment blocking is only going to be active once the card is provisioned in the wallet.

Please @StarlingSupport can you take over this issue?


@Kris - another piece of feedback actioned… great job!


Does this mean that chats finally aren’t going to close if you don’t have the Starling app open and screen awake the entire time?


i am inclined to say no, but i will only be able to fully confirm this tomorrow.


Thanks @Kris so glad to get the profile pics back :grinning:


I really like the new customer service screens and very happy to have my profile pics back


Like the new customer service screen.


Hi @Bigbear1980,

We’ll send a message via the app to get this manually added for you.

Happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking good! Nice to have my profile pics back :slight_smile:

@Kris A small suggestion:
When you have an unread message from customer service, could there be a little unread “dot” next to the new “Starling Inbox” button - and also ideally next to “Customer Service” and the account photo/menu icon. As new messages are still quite hidden away.


Great suggestion


That would be good @jcwacky. One of my messages has received a reply to which I have replied, but I can’t tell if it is my message or the CS message to me going by what is on the front screen.

Also, forgive my ignorance, in what circumstances might I be required to use the Customer Service Code which runs along the bottom of the screen?