iOS Release 0.55.1 - New Card Screen



Good morning everyone.

We’ve released build 0.55.1 to the App Store. It can take up to a few hours to become available.

In this release you might notice that your Card area looks a little different, we’ve added support for our redesigned portrait cards. We’ve also added a new Card Limits screen to give you even more control.

Lastly, we’ve fixed some crashes and zapped a few bugs. The more notable are:

  • You can now onboard a business account in iOS 10
  • Settle Up will now correctly pick up the predefined payment reference when paying back.
  • Payee address details are now mandatory only when the payee has at least 1 international account.
  • Hong Kong international accounts now support 14 characters long account numbers.
  • Apple Pay notification toggle now works correctly.

Sneak Peek: New Card Screen
iOS: Updated App, now lost profile pics

Fantastic. Will refresh the App Store frantically for the next coming hours.


Just updated and pics used for single and joint accounts have disappeared? :camera_flash:


iOS now updated. Downloading now. R-


I think the time for “turning the corner” hints may have now passed… :wink:


All looks fine here - card is purple and in portrait with the numbers showing horizontally. R-


This bug has been reported previously. I’m sure @Kris said a fix is coming soon for this. :grinning:


We are working hard on release 56 which includes a fix for this.


Cheers @tim7 @Kris


@JamesPratley @Kris

I logged this in another thread but was thinking this is quite important. After the new update, I’m not able to add cards to Apple Wallet. The ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button doesn’t do anything.


Looking good! A few comments (on iOS):

  • It’s annoying that to close any of the screens such as “Card controls” and “Card & Payment Limits” that you can’t just use the standard edge swipe gesture. You still have to stretch to reach the close button in the top right.

  • Do the “Card & Payment Limits” update in realtime to show you what’s “remaining”?

  • My business card is showing the “Add to Apple Wallet” button, even though it’s already been added to Apple Wallet. (I don’t want to try tapping it in case it reprovisions my card and ends up teal, the same as my personal card is in Apple Wallet).

  • When the screen first loads, it’s a bit disconcerting that the toggle says “Locked” and then immediately changes to “Unlocked”. Makes it feel like the card was previously locked and visiting this screen unlocked it.

  • My business name is quite long and seems to just be overlapped by the “Card Unlocked” label, rather than being truncated with an ellipsis:


Close Gestures - agreed…better gesture support is a long-running side project of mine …still WIP

Limits - No, this is first iteration. We definitely will improve this the way you suggested.

Add to ApplePay - unfortunately Apple provisioning framework is a bit buggy - I will investigate again to make sure it’s not a regression on our side.

Locked/Unlocked - yes we realised that, but it was to late and this did not make it into 55.1. This will definitely be improved. It’s purely a UX problem, there is nothing wrong with the card state. Everything is asynchronous, the UI simply gets the data with a tiny delay. I will either opt for unlocked default state for the control, or only un-hide the toggle once there is up-to-date state available from backend. Card data is not cached for security reasons.

Elipsis - release 56 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback :+1:


Nice one @Kris, glad to hear you’re already on top of it all! :slight_smile:


Same here. I removed my card from Apple Wallet to add the new design so I now have no card!


Think you quoted the wrong person. :grinning:

@Ad13 said that.


I will investigate this. Another option is to start the provisioning flow directly in the Apple Wallet using the blue circle button at the top right corner.


Can you not just add it again? Traditional way?


Working fine for me can see green card in app. Can’t see loan screen like I saw on @danmullen had on android.


Yet to update :grimacing:


My profile pic disappeard :frowning:️ I’ll be glad when this bug is resolved and stops making an appearance.