iOS Release 0.54.0


Hi All,

Release 54 is now available in the App store. No feature updates this time, as we’ve been waging war on bugs.

Thank you.

iOS 0.54.0
iOS 0.54.0

And in the AppStore quicker this time. :slightly_smiling_face:


New release just out. Keep your :eyes: pealed for :bug: as usual.


any big releases?


Bug fixes this time round, unless Starling have slipped round-ups in :wink:


There is an identical thread created by Starling for this. Probably worth merging @JamesPratley?


Yeah merge with this one the original thread :wink:


Anyone else’s profile pics got wiped?


Consider it done :wink:


@Kris Do you have a list of bugs that should be fixed in this release?


Oh bye thread!!


I believe (I say believe as I was in the pub watching the football and a few beers may have been consumed) I had added a note to a debit card transaction yesterday however it doesn’t appear to be there today. Has anyone else lost a note from a transaction?

Happy for it to be user error on my part but wanted to double check?


Really odd. Even after correcting the profile picture. This morning when I looked at phone the pictures have removed themselves again both for joint and solo accounts.


Mine too. Yet another release with an obvious bug in it. Please help us beta test for you so we can identify these bugs before they’re launched to everyone!!! :japanese_goblin:


My profile pics have just reset again back to default.

@StarlingSupport is there an issue with the in app pic resetting? Since latest update mine is frequently vanishing for both joint and solo account.


Try an uninstall and reinstall and see if the issue still persists.


Good idea. :smiley: let’s see if that makes a difference.


Are you on iOS ?


Yeah I am.


I am not seeing this behaviour on iPhone 8 Plus iOS 11.4. let me know how the reinstall goes.