iOS Release 0.52.0


Autocorrect failed you? I think the word you were looking for is omission? For some reason the sentence as written made me giggle. :slight_smile:

Off topic I know, but it brightened my evening


That’s a fantastic autocorrect fail :joy::rofl:


Depending on the potency, even a small emission could prove deadly!


:scream: oops! Yes omission!


Hey Sarah,

The addition of notes is great - been waiting for ages to get this and finally it’s here. I didn’t realise you could search for locations as well which tbh is pretty sweet. However…

  1. You still have to actually go into the transaction to see what the note is, rather than a little line underneath (currently where the time is) saying what it is. It’s something little but makes a big difference

  2. Minor, but on iOS the first letter isn’t capitalised

  3. Minor again, but if you’re able to add the # sign on the keyboard it might be useful



  1. I’ll raise this with the design guys.
  2. This is fixed and is part of release 0.53 which is ComingSoonTM :tada:
  3. We can’t replace individual keys, but we could use the Twitter keyboard which has the hashtag. We will consider…


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