iOS Release 0.52.0


Hi all,

iOS Release 0.52.0 is now available in the App Store.

New this week:

• You can now add notes and attachments to all your transactions: jot down reminders, add images of receipts or attach a photo of Dave at dinner.
• Want to check on that refund? Transaction search helps you find retailers, people, Goals and references more easily.
• New toggle alert! Use Card Control to block payments at betting and gambling merchants.
• Confirm your identity quickly with customer support using an in-app code.
• Didn’t turn on notifications during onboarding? Turn them on in app with a tap.
• Finally, as usual, we’ve been waging war on bugs. Zap.

We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting Notes, Receipt Attachments and Transaction Search and so please let us know what you think? We have further updates to Search which we’ll share in a separate post for your input on, but let us know who the keyword approach works for you.


Attach receipts
Search Transactions
Adding notes or tags to transactions
iOS 0.52.0

Sarah, I’m really pleased with this release and have been eagerly awaiting Notes, Receipt Attachments and Transaction Search. I remember creating the original threads like a year ago. Woooo :raised_hands:t2:


Search works well enough for me :slight_smile:

No complaints here! Good job.


Search is awesome - would love the ability to export the results though… For example search for all items with an attachment and then export the transacation list along with the accompanying attachment to a PDF/Excel to send for expenses or keep as a record of holiday spend etc…


Transaction notes and search are great! They were one of my top three for the next three months :raised_hands:t4:

Well done team


Great new update with some really good features*. Well done again Starling!

*except the gambling slider is useless.


Surely a all they need to to to make it in useless is if u turn it off it takes affect after 72 hours…how hard could that be in an update? Maybe this is just a case of fintech MVP…


I’m very excited for search but having played around with it I’ve got a few questions…

If you type in locations; London, Birmingham etc you’ll get transactions from there - ace! However this doesn’t work for abroad? Any ideas why?

Have yet to try the attach images to transactions but anyone got a screen grab of how that looks?


Fantastic list of new features @sarah.guha… Things we have wanted for ages! :grin:


Hi Mike,

It works fine for me - Did you have location services turned off when abroad (not sure that matters?)


Absolutely. Really nice update :+1:


Really nice update. Search is excellent and the receipts and notes are a welcome addition.

I am however having an issue with Incoming and Outgoing Faster Payments. Each time I open one I get this error:

If I dismiss it everything seems to work. I don’t get this error with Direct Debits and Card Payments (be they Apple Pay, Contactless, etc)

Unable to connect error when viewing payment in or out

Very nice update :+1:t2:. I started to move my Direct Debits to Starling and will use it as my main account… finally :upside_down_face:


Also, a question on the wording of this:

Most ‘refunds’ go in the way of reversals which Starling don’t let users track, i.e. they disappear from a users feed, so I think using a refund as an example is a bit weird!


I’m getting this strange error message too, specifically with incoming PayPal transactions. Was fine before todays update.


Notes is great! But it’s a bit annoying that autocorrect seemed to have been disabled when typing notes (at least on iOS). Can this please be enabled?


I get exactly the same thing…


Auto correct will be in the next release - a small emission which we didn’t want to hold the release up for. It will be in the next one definitely.


The team are looking at this one.


“Want to check on that refund? Transaction search helps you find retailers, people, Goals and references more easily.”

Can it find the amount. You know it being a transaction search and all?