iOS Release 0.50.0


A new iOS release (0.50.0) is rolling out to the App Store now, and will be available for you to download shortly. :tada:

What’s new?
• We now support sending USD payments to the United States.
• We’ve updated the design of our login screens including passcode, Touch ID and Face ID and made adjustments to improve the consistency of your log in experience.
• General performance enhancements including improving, the legibility of your goal names, the speed to load your spending insights per month and addressing timeouts when using live chat to contact our customer service team.

Stock Pictures for Goals
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Scheduled payments disappeared

Cool!! Thank you.


Yay release day! Great update team! I’ll keep my :eyes: out for :bug:


For all those who send money to Poland :poland:, we also added Polish Złoty to International Payments.


Noticed an issue with this, if you close the app (But don’t completely kill it from multitasking), you aren’t asked for TouchID when reopening the app, unsure if this is intentional? Apart from that, a good release :slight_smile:


I think after a certain period of app being in the background it should ask for Touch ID @sarah.guha can hopefully confirm.


Hi, Yes we maintain a session time and so when the app is backgrounded and relaunched again within 30 seconds you won’t be asked to touch id again. That’s so that you can quickly open your messaging or email apps to get verification codes or a friend bank details and then return to our app more easily. After 30 seconds your session will time out and you’ll be prompted for Touch ID again.


I thought it was 30 seconds but i hate to misinform, thanks Sarah


Personally, I’d still like to be able to disable the authentication on launch (like Monzo). The extra delay upon every launch is inconvenient. I’m confident with the security of my locked phone and also that in the rare case that someone manages to grab my unlocked phone out my hand, they wouldn’t be able to steal any of my money without my Starling password.


Well there’s certainly less activity in the iOS release thread compared to the Android release thread!! It’s a small change but I really appreciate the text change on the goals - makes it loads easier to read. And I’m even more happy that categories are fixed in spending insights. Looking forward to the next release now!! (I’m also happy that iOS kept the swipe up for transactions rather than having a button!)


They could still send it to any payee on your list?


Haha very quiet over here. Today’s update was :ok_hand:t2:


They could. But as I’ve sent money to those people before, they’re usually people I trust!


How was categories fixed in spending insights?


You shouldn’t have a transaction without a category assigned now (that’s what was said in the categories thread which has now been closed) and that is certainly the case for me. Which means that everything should show up now for you in spending insights


There’s still a bug that I posted about here:


What I dont get is, all of my transactions are categorised, but my merchants tab is still higher than categories tab?


Yes, that’ll be the income bug I’ve reported. Read my follow up posts on that other thread :+1:t2:


I see, my categories and merchants tabs are £75 out for this month, I’m guessing that’s because I’ve received inbound payments that I’ve catergerised to offset spend from some
Caterogies and there’s a bug where it’s not calculated properly, have I got that correct in what I read in your other post?


Pretty much :slight_smile: