iOS Release 0.49 - International Payments & Feed


We’ve released iOS app release 0.49 and it should soon be available in the App Store.

In this release we’ve improved our international payments experience by smoothing out some bugs. We’ve also made the transaction feed more discoverable and added daily spend totals.

Enjoy :tada:

Transaction list daily totals

Love release day!


Not got a use for the International Payments at the moment, but I’m sure people will appreciate them, but personally really liking the subtle little changes to the feed!


Thanks @Kris.


Really like the daily spend totals, nice touch!


Great work on all the new little tweaks in this release. :+1:

The daily spend totals are a welcome addition, but as an ex-First Direct app user, I still miss their approach.

Their app has the account balance as the summary figure for each day.

This was great, as I could scroll back through my transactions to see what my balance was on a previous day. I can only really achieve the same with Starling via a statement now.

What would be amazing is if you could add the same functionality. Perhaps if you tapped the summary line, it could toggle between daily spend and account balance.

Now that would be pretty amazing!

But again, great work from all the devs and team. Release day is alway great to see what’s new.


Daily spend totals is something I have been waiting ages for, really like that feature.


Couldn’t agree more. Daily spend doesn’t help me when budgettting, being able to see the balance at each previous day is far more useful…


@LoganAllan red error message is back. I don’t need to make a payment btw.


Yep, and me (iOS)


Thanks for raising it. Checking on it now :+1:t3:


@Graham @Joe_Merriman - can you check and confirm now please?


All sorted :+1:t2:


Ditto - thanks. :grinning:


Kris, that’s great. Pity we can’t get it in IRELAND! When are you releasing in Ireland? It was meant to be Q1 this year, according to Anne Boden.


@StarlingSupport any update on the current estimated launch date for Starling Irish/Euro accounts?


No update at the moment!

We’re working hard on this one, watch this space :muscle:t4:


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