iOS Release 0.48.0 - International Payments


iOS 0.48.0 is now available in the App Store, or will be rolled out to you very soon.

International payments is now available on iOS :tada:

Need to send money abroad? You can now send an international money transfer straight from the app – just jump into the Pay section to explore our available countries and currencies!

Additionally, a few of you have requested the ability to see the raw merchant data (as sent from MasterCard), and you can now see this if you tap “improve” on any card transaction detail screen.

As always – we’d love your feedback on this release.

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Excellent - Looks well implemented and clear.

On the iPhone X - There is a noticeable delay when you open the app, to it recognising your face and then logging in - It was the same on the previous version.

Is this something that you are aware of?


I’m in the iPhone X and I have to say I don’t get any real delay. I offer no suggestions as to the cause but thought it might be useful!!


Interestingly, having logged on a few times this morning, it was only the first one that had the delay.

Maybe overthinking it!


Does ‘improve’ only apply to new transactions, or all previous history?


Possibly - overthinking is usually my problem - glad to see I’m not the only one with this affliction!!


I’m seeing this on all card transactions in my history. Do let us know if you’re having a different experience though!


No shows on all of my card transactions too.


Ok - Will check that.


Can this be extended to Android and to other kinds of transactions?


Hey @alejandro.mery - it’s coming on Android soon too!

Which other types of transactions would you’d like to see this for, and what information are you looking for?


transfers and received payments, but it was mostly for the geeky joy of seeing more details. I have almost zero information about "nostro deposit"s (received international payments)

What I actually miss the most is to be able to see related transactions/history from there.


Nice to have…

I won’t be using it because of the higher fees (other places do this cheaper) but if those other places shut on me, at least I have this. :slight_smile:


I now have my pictures from goals within my transaction list, is this also new?
1 of the pics are not sizing correctly, what’s the best way for this to get resolved?

Also 1 of my payee logos isn’t showing within transaction list, it’s reverted back to the category icon


Great update!

Raw card transaction data was on my most wanted list. :slight_smile:


@Cybergremlin sorry to hear one of the pictures isn’t sizing correctly. Does this post help? If not, feel free to DM me a screenshot/ the image and we can have a look at it.

Regarding the payee image, there might be an issue with the cache. Could I ask you to try to change/re-upload the image and see if it now shows?


@Cybergremlin mines now showing goals in the transaction feed after I did the update tudaybfir iOS.


Thanks for quick reply.
It answers why it’s happened but still unsure how to resolve, below is how it looks in tran list

Reading the image solved the payee logo issue.

Regarding scheduled payments to goals do we have a idea of when logo will appear within this list?


Odd mine looks ok as below image fir MBNA direct debit.


is that a DD?
my DD logo is fine just logo for transfer in/out of goal