iOS Release 0.47.0


Hi all,

0.47.0 is now available.

• Add or edit your email on your account and we’ll send you a verification link to confirm your email address.
• You can now Say Thanks when you receive a Settle Up payment from a friend.
• Various other bug fixes.

What bug fixes?

• Addressed a card ordering issue from personal account holders who added a business account and who weren’t able to order a business card.
• We’ve fixed an issue with your Spent today total overlapping on the Pulse.
• Goals has been flickering on launch, so we’ve smoothed that out.
• Balance not showing on Goals and Payment screens until you tap into the field.

As always let us know your feedback on this new release.



It’s here :slight_smile:

Thank you @sarah.guha and team.


Thanks @sarah.guha

Does this fix the issue of balances not appearing correctly on Goals and Payments screens ?


Updated. Business card ordering appears to be working fine now.

My personal profile picture appears to have vanished though?


Yes it does!


Thanks Ben, we are aware of this issue - will be addressed in the next release. Sorry about that!


Just updated app in the hope of notification problems would be resolved, sadly the problem is still there I transfer £1 to both the personal and business accounts the personal account notification was almost instantaneous but nothing for the business account :disappointed: when will this be resolved ??


@Ben, my profile picture came back once I added a business profile picture, don’t know if there is a reason there…


That did seem to fix it. Thanks.


The pic disappears and reappears intermittently.


We’ve been making some changes to how we handle the profile pictures, the next release will stabilise this for you. Sorry for the on/off behaviour of the profile image of you have a business and personal account at the moment.


A few finds for your dev team:

  • Bug: The “Home Address” field of a business account is blank. When trying to edit it the app repeatedly prompts you for your password without making progress.

  • Minor Bug: When editing your account picture it auto-fits about 15px’s too high and won’t allow you to use the very top portion of the image.

  • Minor Bug: The profile picture of the non-selected account in the top right is not clipped to the same shape as the light purple border circle, leaving small gaps between the picture and its border.


Since the last iOS update, I’m regularly seeing a purple header stating ‘no internet connection’.


Yes I’m seeing that frequently, too.


Hope you’re both having a nice Saturday @Ad13 @Graham.
Thanks for letting us know.

  1. is this happening on various screens, or just home/Pulse screen?
  2. are you noticing this on 4G and wifi networks?


Hey @Wehrley, the company address is pulled from Companies House, so it can’t be changed in app.

We’re making some changes to this section of the app to reduce confusion.

Personal address can be changed from the personal current account section in app.

Profile picture, thanks for flagging, I’m sure we can improve this too.


Yeah it’s happening on various screens and I’m on WiFi.


Notably faster launches & TouchID for me :+1:


This has happened a lot this afternoon. It appears to happen when the iPhone has been locked and not used for a while. On waking the phone and loading the Starling app, the purple header appears. It’s definitly on all screens.


I think that’s what’s happening for me. It’s happened on 4G so far.