iOS Release 0.46.0 - Business Accounts are live


iOS 0.46.0 has arrived


Well this was a lovely surprise at this time of night. Early feedback if I may:

On/At confuses me!!! I have to stop and think about what type of data I’m looking at. Where as before merchant/ category just made sense. I don’t know if this tested better with adding in the incoming payments to this section but for me it’s just made it slightly more complex.

Regarding the incoming payments section it is showing on and at with different payments. “At” is the only one that shows my salary. Not quite sure why.

On is showing all the little transactions I do between starling and my various accounts. And at shows a large payment I moved from another bank to starling At as previously mentioned also shows my salary.

All in it’s confused things even more!!


Here are some screenshots in case people are interested…


Nice one @Ben


My account got set up but the address is missing, every time I try to add it, the app finds my address, then gets stuck in a loop of asking for my password.

Can’t order my card without it, can’t even edit my picture.

I find the way to switch very unintuitive and there should be some form of colour scheme or similar to help you see your using the personal or business account.

And account status is stuck on Unexpected.

Will play more tomorrow but so far disappointed.


Please report any issues to CS. It’s only just launched, so feedback like this will help Starling further improve the business account and app.


I messaged customer support also. Just curious if I’m the only one with this issue.


Same problem for me with the addess and password. So you’re not alone. :wink:


I also noticed that my Account Verification status is ‘Unexpected’. I suspect this is a bug, but that’s not the best terminology. Something a bit more descriptive would be better.


Thanks @Ben for the screenshots!


Also noticed in 0.46 that the merchant icon now defaults to the category of the vendor, if there isn’t a known vendor icon, more colourful and interesting than before.

Would have to second other opinions, that in the spending tab have “on” and “at” is somewhat jarring. Could we have a poll on what might be easier for people to understand?

A question about the business stuff @JamesPratley, if the spending analysis shows all your incomings at the bottom of the spending analysis. Isn’t that going to get messy if you have lots of incomings as well as outgoings?


Statements: I know there was word ages ago that the way of viewing statements was going to be modified. That’s changed in 0.46:


After I updated the app I had to re-enable a passcode and Touch ID which were working fine before. Also don’t like the “on” and “at”


I really like the Statements / Interest section, but one aspect is going to drive me insane.

Statement are ordered latest (most recent) at the top. But the Interest screen is the opposite ordering, oldest (least recent) at the top.

Does anyone else find this confusing?

Starling - any feedback on the thinking around this would be great. Is there some reasoning behind the choice?


Have to agree, having them both the same. Either Newest to oldest or oldest to newest - but both the same way around.

Personal preference would be newest to oldest as I’m more likely to access new stuff than old.


I see now that bank transfer payments are included in the spending tab… Is there anyway of removing them, or at least a way of stopping one specific payment from showing in there? @JamesPratley @sarah.guha


I agree this is a bit strange! This has been added as a known issue on the business feedback thread, I reckon it’s likely to be fixed for both business and personal when they resolve it.


0.46.1 has landed.


Haha! On and at is gone. Thank goodness for that :+1::grin:


At this moment no, but we like this idea of giving you maximum flexibility so we may allow this. I’ll update you if we add this.