iOS Release 0.45.0


Hi all,

Just a small update this week to fix an issue reported, this should mean anyone having a headache with their password not working when they believe it be correct should now be resolved.

• Fixed a bug which was causing password authentication to sometimes fail unnecessarily.

We’d love feedback and confirmation of this, so let us know.



Ok this is a complete sidetrack but it’s something I’m vaguely interested in so…

What’s your ‘rules’ on the version number for releases?

You released the new feature Settleup with version 0.44.1 but then released 0.45.0 as a bug fix.

I’d have expected new features to get ‘versioned’ as a major number, with bug fixes as a minor number (so, SettleUp launched as 0.45.0, with the bug fix for passwords as 0.45.1 as it’s not actually got any new features?).

That’s kinda how I understand other application development.

And as an aside, is there feature parity (ish) between iOS and Android yet? Cos I’d also kinda expect if there is to now have both apps with the same release number as well (with just the minor bug fix patches being released differently when needed).

And…the really big question…

When will it be released and what will be in version 1.0? Is there a roadmap to there?



Good question.

Each release we want to do we prepare a new release candidate (RC) which is created from our master code base. These RCs will always increment by a full number i.e. 0.44.0 will go to 0.45.0 (it doesn’t really matter what features or fixes are in that build). On occasion the release candidate created will be tested and not accepted for release, and so another a fix is applied and merged to the existing RC code base and new build is created which is then incremented by .1. so 0.45.0 will become 0.45.1.

If 0.44.0 has been in the app store for some time, and a high impact bug is reported which needs to be fixed quickly we might apply a hot fix to the original release candidate code base rather than our master branch, and the release will again increment by .1. This means we can get a single fix to you sooner. The change is then subsequently merged back into our master code base.

Our apps are close to feature parity, the newly released split bill feature is only on iOS and not Android yet but otherwise everything is fairly well aligned now that Android has a new menu organisation. Android is also waiting on a new personal details screen and the ability to add a profile picture from there which will be added soon.

We wouldn’t align our release numbers arbitrarily, as they would soon fall out of sync again. They are different code bases and so the changes and releases will vary.

I hope this explains it a bit for you.



Very detailed, thanks. I also wondered how it worked.


Ah right - thanks.

So, to go with a specific example then, ‘Settleup’ was going to go out with 0.44.0 originally but failed as a release candidate so that’s why it finally came out as 0.44.1?


Thanks for this!


Good question…good answer :grinning:


Or there was a different bug identified in the same release (possibly not Settle Up related) that caused a code change and therefore a point release difference I would assume…