iOS Release 0.43.1


What’s new:

• The Marketplace is expanding! PensionBee is now available in the Savings & Investments category, and new partners will be coming over the course of the next few weeks :tada: Starling Bank and PensionBee share a common vision: that healthier financial lives start with the real-time information we need to make financial decisions. As of today, customers can see their real-time PensionBee pension balance right next to their real-time Starling current account balance.

• We’ve also updated and organised our menu and you can now add an image to your profile in Personal Details.

• Experienced an issue with 12 hour date format? We’ve now fixed this so you can contact customer support, download statements and see scheduled Goals payments again.


Really like the redesigned menu and I’ve added my photo :slight_smile:


Agreed - I like the enhanced look.

But I can’t seem to get a photo accepted - the image circle continues to spin. iPhone 7+. Just me?


Glad you like the new look @Graham.
I was able to add a photo just now on iPhone X.
Maybe a quick phone restart (the good old trick) will help fix it?
Please let me know how you get on, and we can do more testing at our end.


The “good old trick” that works. Can’t for the life of me think why I didn’t try that first.

Thanks @patrick - take the rest of the day off… :wink:


@kjersti.larsen @patrick When will I be able to add a photo to my profile on Android? Or am I being thick and missing it?:grin:


I’d imagine pretty soon; I’m an Android user myself but have access to an iOS device. I’ve done a little testing and can confirm that adding a profile picture in iOS will not currently display it in the Android version.



It hope it will be in our next release for Android, we couldn’t quite time it right his time as we had a lot of changes going in but it’s built and being tested.



I do love this bank…Thanks for the quick reply @sarah.guha @thom_horne😊


Nice words - simple as that. Can they quote you?:+1::grinning:


Of course…