iOS Release 0.42.2


Just a fix in this release. We’ve applied a fix where the transaction feed wasn’t displaying for customers who have set 12 hour format on their devices.


Hi Sarah, this has fixed the feed. Still issues with cancelled DDs appearing and unable to view previous CS communication when 12 hour clock set.


@Kristian_Angyal please see Joe’s comment above. Can you take a look.


I sent screenshots to help@ when the issue was first reported if you need them :slight_smile:


Brilliant, thanks.

Kris replicated those other issues on Monday, we are unsure if they are related at this stage. We are continuing to address these. The fix released was just for the feed.


Thanks Sarah. It’s not critical in my opinion and will be fixed soon I’m sure :grin:


New build coming next week. Tested these fixes today and so theses will be resolved with the next release.


Thanks Sarah! Just out of interest how come these issues weren’t noticed during testing? :grin:


Hi Joe, We knew they weren’t resolved in the 0.42.2 build on Monday. That was a hot fix build to resolve the absence of your transaction feed whilst we addressed a more permanent solution to fix all of the issues throughout the app that were present when you use the 12 hour date format. At the moment we are making lots of changes to our app in order to handle other currencies and locales, whilst these features are not being shipped to customers yet they are merged into our code base. We missed these in our testing this time but date format changes are now part of test plans so we don’t miss anything going forward.


Thank you Sarah.


Issues now resolved after today’s update. Great update today, screen looks wicked.


Pleased you like it :slight_smile:


Quite like how you just drop an expected update, it’s a nice surprise.