iOS Release 0.41.0


This release is rolling out now so will be with you soon. Kicking off the new year it includes:

• You can now submit logo, name and location improvements for your transactions via the app by selecting the ‘three dot’ overflow menu.
• Those having trouble submitting the USA for their foreign tax responsibilities can now do so. You’ll be asked for your tax identification number.
• The exchange rate for transactions abroad now shows to 4 decimal places.

As always please let us know your feedback.



In app submissions to improve transactions is definitely good news.


Great step forward Sarah!

Two suggestions:

  • in the twitter/facebook handle fields, strip any end whitespace at your end instead of raising an error.
  • Add support for location: online. No need to see a map of Amsterdam every time I use Uber.


Nice update :+1:t2:

Any chances to get information about active card check and declined transactions ?


This is great! So much more efficient. These updates are rocking it!



Thanks I will create a new thread for improvement suggestions.


Great update. Love the logo submission, much easier.

Main 2 things missing for me:

Addresses on the transaction info page. I think Android app already does this?

Upgraded Pulse to show Spent this week/month etc. This has been teased in the forum already.


I have noticed that the Status pulse top left has now vanished!


It will return if required :smile:


I don’t see the correction option. Is it in ‘pay’>’scheduled’, spending’>’merchants’ or somewhere else? My app seems to have updated accordingly to the App Store.


Click on a transaction either under spending or when swiping up on home screen. When on transaction you will see the three dots.


Thanks Tim. I get it for online or shop transactions but you don’t get the option for Direct Debits.


I would speak to CS if you want to correct a direct debit detail. I’d imagine these would have to be treated differently.

Perhaps @sarah.guha or @JamesPratley can provide futher information.


Hi, yes these are handled differently as we use a file which list merchants who use direct debits. I don’t think we will be able to update those details…depending on what you wanted to edit?


I was going to.submit logos for some DD payments but I guess it only works for debit card transactions at the moment, which is still cool.

One payment I have is to NFU Mutual Insurance so was wanting to upload that.


It’s not related to the new app release. The announcement icon only shows up when there’s something out of the ordinary to be announced.
But I admit also like this icon a lot. Perhaps I could come up with some kind of emergency, let me talk to the team :wink:


Would it be possible to allow users to customise the options available on the app nav bar? At the moment I don’t use the goals feature (sorry) and as I do use the customer service and settings more frequently I’d like to be able to swap the options. I know that others will have their own preferences so it would be good to let users pick which options are shown.


I’ve added a location for you, let me know if correct. There were a couple of options and so I hope I selected the right one based on the transaction detail.


I don’t seem to be getting the Three Dots on some transactions?

Also I’ve noticed that if I tap on a notification or a Starling Bank notification comes in whilst I have the app open, it causes it to crash.

Android Release 0.31.0

@KWells1979 I also mentioned this just a few days ago, but unfortunately it was ignored :frowning: much like you have been.