iOS Release 0.40.0 - Festive Treats


A new iOS release is rolling out to the app stores now with just a few pre-holiday updates :christmas_tree:

• You now have new spending categories available to help organise your spend – including Gifts!
• We’re shaking things up on your home screen with a little festive treat (hint: give it a shake).
• You can now add multiple account details to a single payee and apply different references for each account.
• We’ve fixed an issue where Goals was causing the app to crash on iPhone 5c.


Hi @sam thanks for the Festive update. I like the new categories but could we have a “Health” one too please.


Liking the snowy pulse :grinning:


Updated and loving the Wintery surprise @sam :+1:t2:


Really loving the multiple accounts per Payee functionality. I have myself in several times to jiggle things between all my accounts (which are becoming closer and closer to been gotten rid of as Starling improves) so this makes like much easier!


Excellent!!! I mentioned this to an advisor on the chat about having multiple payees! It was also on my wish list! Look forward to getting this all set up!

Edit: I have set up multiple payees that have the same sort code and account number, which is great as I can now pay directly into my Nationwide savings. It took a bit of getting used to that I can set up groups of payees. But it’s useful and makes my payee screen tidy! I find it a bit odd though that we can be so detailed with payees but I stills can’t add on references to a payee when setting them up. Is this going to be fixed?