iOS Release 0.39.1 - Add a new payee + fixes


Happy Tuesday! A new iOS release (0.39.1) is rolling out now… In this release we’ve made further updates to our pay experience and addressed the bugs you’ve reported:

• Add a new person or company as a payee and edit their details with our new UX.
• We’ve introduced some new tab bar icons - we hope you like them.
• When backgrounded your app and balance will now be obscured correctly.
• Fixed an issue that allowed you to make two contributions to your goal by quickly double tapping the Add button.
• The issue with our Face ID toggle not persisting has now been addressed.
• If you have a long name, it will now display correctly on the Add money screen.
• Fixed issues with iOS 11.2.


Nice update, Sam. Cheers guys.


I like the new icons.


The new icons are so much nicer.

• When backgrounded your app and balance will now be obscured correctly - this works perfectly now.


Logs out of default app store, logs into UK app store, downloads app, logs out of UK app store, logs into default app store. During that thinking time, wonders if joint accounts will come in time for Christmas? :wink:


Can I see a screenshot? I’m on android I’m afraid… No such love for us today!



Android had an update on Friday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Actually we don’t even have them tabs…is it an android rule not to use them?


When Face ID is turned on, how should it behave? If the app is completely closed and I then open it, shouldn’t I be prompted for Face ID?


Like the new icons.

Also thanks for fixing showing balance in multitasking.


Evening Sam,

The UI issue I noticed in the last update for iPhone X still seems to be the same.

The back button within the transaction view is covered by the iOS breadcrumb back button, so you are unable to tap the back arrow within the app without tapping the iOS button (see below)


Thanks for highlighting this. We’ll take a look. We now have a few iPhone X’s which is now making this easier.


I’m on android and would actually love those tabs. I’m on an S8+ so the menu button at the top is very very far away! :pensive:


I’m quite happy with this update. One thing I think should be looked at is references once again. Right now I can save payees without paying them which is great to ensure that I am prepared with their details for when I need them. But there is no way to add a reference at the time of setting up the payee.

It would be great to be able to do this. It’s pointless setting up a credit card payee but being unable to add the credit card number straight away, I also have Nationwide savings accounts which require a roll number, and the worked around is to set up a payment for a future date and then cancel it.


Does it…


It did last week :slight_smile:


I don’t know whether this issue has been reported yet, or whether any testing is done before changes are released as this should’ve been an easy one to catch.

The problem is that when setting up a new Payee, the password is required. Quite aside from that being a ridiculous and annoying requirement, if you enter the password incorrectly on the first occasion, it will not accept the password as valid even when you enter the valid password subsequently.


Sicne this update, Face ID is no longer working for me - it jsut asks for my code every time instead. I have tried toggling Face ID on and off a few times with no luck.


Face ID has never worked for me on the Starling app. Face ID has replaced all Touch ID enabled apps on my iPhone with no issues. It just works. Apple said it would.

I just don’t understand what the hell Starling has done to Face ID on the app? They’re telling you to go to Settings on the iPhone. You should not have to do this. No other app tells you to do this. I really don’t believe they understand what they’re doing with this.