iOS Release 0.37.1 - iPhone X


A new update is rolling out to you which optimises the app for iPhone X. If you’re lucky enough to have one already, we would very much appreciate your feedback on any issues you spot.

Just a well done to Yann our iOS engineer who has worked to get these updates done for you today. Enjoy playing with your iPhone X’s!

iPhone X - UI Errors

Great to see you’ve done this so quickly. I sadly don’t have an X but I’m sure there will be others that do. Update has arrived guys.


Thanks Joe. Checking for any regressions on other devices would also be incredibly helpful to please keep an eye out.


Of course, I’m always searching for bugs etc :nerd_face:


I’m currently in the US waiting on delivery of 4 X’s (1 for me) so will let you know how it goes after set up.
Currently on my 8+ all seems good.


I’ve noticed that if I turn on Face ID, when I close and reopen the app, it has turned itself off again.


Thanks for letting us know. Can you give me more detail, does it turn off in the Login &Security section or are you being asked to allow Face ID again?


Can you log this one to CS for me please? Thanks you.


Yeah it turns off in the Login & Security section. I’ll log it with CS now.


Thanks, it might just be an issue with the toggle persisting in our app. Is the app still asking for Face ID? And when you check your settings for the Starling app on your phone does the Face ID toggle persist there?


Yes it does still ask for Face ID. It asks if I reopen the app around 30 seconds after closing it, but never after force closing it.

The Starling toggle in the Face ID settings does persist.


Ok that sounds about right, we’ll look at that toggle in app next week.


You’re taking one for the team today, @JamesH. Solid detective work. :+1:


Loving my iPhone X and loving Starling - - app still asking for password rather than FaceID for statements :frowning:


I only seem to be having one issue with the app on an iPhone X.

On the screenshot I have taken there is a back arrow in the top left.

This is in a slightly different place to everywhere else I’ve seen in the app and you can almost never hit it, 3 or 4 attempts later you can then navigate back. It’s nice to see the map but not when you are not trying to see it!



Face ID does not work on iPhone X.

Starling 0.38.2
iOS 11.1.1


Hi Johnny. Can you further clarify what is not working for you on this version of the app and OS? We have been making further changes which will hopefully be in our next release to improve our implementation but your feedback on what is or isn’t working at the moment would help us know if these updates will address the issue you are experiencing.


Essentially, the app does not remember the Face ID toggle when it is on. Switch it on in the app, all seems ok. Close the app and reopen and you’re straight back in.

Quit the app. Start again, and you’re straight in. No security. No Face ID. Toggle is now set to OFF.



Ok great, this is the known bug. A fix will be in the next release for this.

Despite the toggle reverting, I believe your Face ID setting in your app settings does persist. Can you confirm this for me?



Sorry, Sarah, I’m not fully understanding this bit? Toggle always resets itself to OFF.