iOS Release 0.36.0 - Payments


Very excited to share with you all that the latest iOS release is live today!
This release includes much anticipated improvements to how you make a payment including:

  • An easier and faster way to make one-off and scheduled payments
  • Your last reference is now saved ready to use again and you can access a history of past references too
  • Tap to see upcoming payments from the payee screen
  • Create a scheduled contribution to a Goal to make sure you hit your target

Reoccurring Payment to Goals
Payment references

Can’t see it yet but very excited.

Don’t know about others but To keep my interest it’s good to have regular updates. Even if it’s small, shows you’re working hard in the background :slight_smile:

✅ Sneak Peek: Starling Goals

Its popped up :smile: :tada:


I’ve not got access to it yet. But does the last reference have any identifier on it?

For example if I had 3 loans with bank X. Each loan has a reference, let say

  • 12345 - Car
  • 98765 - House Extension
  • 34567 - Holiday of a lifetime

If the last payment I had was Holiday of a lifetime, but now need to pay my Car, does the app give any indication that “Car” was 12345, or do I have to know/hunt out this info ?

I’m just being impatient asking this question while I wait on it getting to my phone! :slight_smile:


Hey Brian,
for now you would have to know which reference belongs to which loan, however we aim to do another update in the next couple of weeks that will address this issue!


Thanks for the reply. Good to know there is another update on the way to address this.


The update looks great, nice work!

I have already setup a couple of scheduled payments into goals for after my next payday. Is there any plan to be able to set up a scheduled payment when money comes into the account from a particular person, for example when my salary is paid?

I like the tag interface for accessing previous payment references, all my previous references are already in there as well.


Downloaded new upgraded iOS app.

Set up payee to point of entering password, which I inadvertently entered incorrectly. On entering correct password app says error creating payee.

Tried setting up payee from scratch, entered correct password. Comes up with same error.

Still lots of separate screens to enter simple information, I note, so this update is purely for payee to save a reference?


Nice work Starling team :+1:

Great to see these regular incremental updates coming through. Keep up the good work


Hey @Johnny - This update is for the actual payments flow. Payee set-up screens are next to come! No real changes have been made here in this release.

The error message for incorrect password should have said specifically that your password was incorrect. If you’re getting an error along the lines of “there has been an error creating the payee” it is most likely related to the details of the payee you’re trying to set up. We currently don’t allow you to have multiple payees with the same details and also the details do need to be “real” to pass various checking, so could it be one of those issues?


Define details.

It you mean account number and sort code then those are the same.

If you mean account number, sort code and reference then the reference is different.

It is multiple Payees (with different references) to the same destination that I’m looking for. Legacy banks FD and RBS have no issue with this.


At present you can only have one payee with the same account number and sort code.



Can you confirm for me what has changed, in respect of payee functionality, in this update please as I’ve clearly misunderstood.



There is no change to the payee flow.
If you go to make a payment to a payee, the payment flow has changed.
When you make a payment here and use a specific reference, it will be stored and next time you tap to pay this payee it will automatically default to the reference you last used.


If I’ve understood correctly @Johnny, currently you have one payee set up to a specific sort code/account number combination. You would then ‘pay’ that payee with a specific reference and the app will remember this for next time around. However, when you pay that payee again you are given the option to change the reference. If you do so, on the third time you send money to that payee the app will show the previous two references used.

And again, if I’ve understood this correctly, @kjersti.larsen indicates that in a future iteration of the app, you’ll be able to assign a mnemonic to each reference as an aid memoire. In my case, I have two Tesco credit cards, one on which I borrow cheaply (free!), and one I pay in full each month; it will be helpful when that mnemonic is added to easily differentiate between my two cards.


Thanks @Rob :+1:


This is neat stuff. :grinning:


Totally agree. Have already started to tweak my goal funding :moneybag:


I’ve set up recurring payments for my goals these can be seen in the payees screen under section of “other” any chance the pictures can be updated to show the goal picture as currently they are blank


Goal name should come with the next release!
Image will follow shortly :slight_smile: