iOS Release 0.35.1


iOS 0.35.1 is being released and will be available once it has fully rolled out. If you don’t see it straight away, just try again in a few minutes.

This weeks release focuses on our continued app enhancements:

  • Your scheduled payments are now listed alphabetically, and you’ll see your last paid and payment due dates.
  • We have a new schedule payment screen with your transaction history list and your recurrence rules.
  • Direct Debits which are transferred as part of a switch will show as pending or unconfirmed in app and you’ll receive a push notification – helping you know if the merchant has updated your mandate.
  • When you cancel a scheduled payment, you’ll see our new password input screen which we’ll start to roll out across the app.
  • If you have attempted a card payment, but had your card disabled for a type of payment or locked - you’ll now receive a push notification telling you why.
  • New customers signing up will experience an improved personal details input screen and terms acceptance.
  • Started using Goals? We now support emojis, added validation and pull to refresh functionality. Plus we have fixed some of the bugs you spotted.


Does the iOS version have equal features of Android in goals now?


Do you have an estimate for implementing the change for references?


Not just yet, we are working on scheduled contributions which should be in the next the release.


I expect next release if all testing goes well.


This bullet summary of the release’s key features is right on the money. Thanks.


A great release guys.


Thanks really good like the view transaction history in direct debits.


Could I just ask what the issue is in being able to keep a reference number in on the payments screen?? I pay my credit card off as I go so may make 4/5 payments a month, I’d rather not have to find a payment reference every time. This issue has been around since the start with promises it’s going to be sorted, but yet another update comes out without it. I know there’s a lot going on, but surely this is quite basic.

The redesigned payment screen was mentioned, but this isn’t here yet either? I thought when this was mentioned not long back that was due in the recent updates. We’ve had 2, will there be more with this feature anytime soon?


We are hoping this will make the next release. The new payment flow is now being tested but we are working on adding a new payee now. It will be worth the wait.


Does this refer both to the new payments screen AND saved payment references for iOS? I am in the same boat re: CC payments and having to re-enter every time is frustrating.


Yes it will.


Hi Sarah

Thanks for the update. It seems to be a long time coming, but I’ll take your word it’s worth waiting for, I have faith in you and Starling so I’m sure it should be good.

Then finally with that functionality it’ll mean I can wave goodbye to my legacy bank. Up until now Starling’s payment screen couldn’t match up, but if this is good then we’re on.

I’m ready to be impressed!!


I would hate for Starling to rush something out that is not ready.


Oh no neither would I, but I would have thought it would have been a basic from launch. Then it was ‘coming soon’ then in the next updates and a couple had passed. I was just checking it was still on the agenda.

As I’ve always said, I know they have a lot on and loads of features being added and trialled and it’s not high on the priority list. Just for me it’s a really important day to day tool that without I wouldn’t be able to commit to Starling. If it was due I’d carry on waiting, if not I’d be trying elsewhere, but I can see the potential in Starling so wanted ideally to stay for the ride!!

From what’s been said it’s due soon, and we’ll all look forward to a redesigned payments screen. A welcome addition.


It would drive me nuts to so I feel your pain…almost…


Looks good on Android. Someday soon, my screen may look like that!


Great update but i was expecting something more meaty to get my teeth into!!!

Anyone else felt the same ooh excited and then hmmm.


Not really as they’ve just launched Goals :smile:


Goals was a massive update that adds a feature above and beyond a legacy bank and its clear a lot of work has gone into it. There’s some great feedback from the community about them and there’s still some bits in the pipeline to add even more functionality to Goals so I’m expecting small tweaks for a while which is understandable.

It’s clear that Starling are also working on some of the little bugs here and there that people have noticed and now that Goals is in the wild, and they have more resources available to concentrate on those.

As I’ve already posted today there’s 2 annoying little bugs that I’ve noticed in the past that have now been fixed which is really great!