iOS Release 0.34.1 - Goals


This week, we’re excited to announce the launch of Goals, which can help you set aside money for the things that are most important to you – all from the convenience of one account. You can:

  • Create Goals in the app, and personalise them with a photo and a target amount.
  • Add money to a Goal with a few taps in the app, and just as easily take money out.

Goals functionality, iOS and Android

Yay downloading now! Can’t wait to test this!


Thank you for delivering a beautiful UX with Goals. First Goal… more holidays with the wife :slight_smile:


I’ve just downloaded the update to the iOS app that gives the goals functionality.

Having a few issues in setting them up. It will not permit me to set a target amount for the goal. I’m presuming this is to do with the account having a £zero balance?


Hi Johnny. If you want to DM a screenshot I can help you out.


Thanks, @ben.chisell

I can name the goal and add a value. I can not work out how to save that value from this screen. :thinking:

[edit] Apologies, I just saw you said to DM the screenshot. Since there is no sensitive info on the screenshot perhaps it’s ok to leave here to help others?


That box doesn’t seem to do anything when you enter a sum. You need to go to “manage” and add it there. I suggest the balance box be disabled for data entry (@ben.chisell)

@JamesPratley Can you move this to iOS 0.34.1 - Goals please?


Yes, I thinks that’s the workaround I used in the end.

My thoughts are that the current UI is not intuitive as it stands. Some user-testing required on this.


Hi Johnny. Tapping on the amount is where you take money out of a Goal. If you want to set a target then tap on Manage to set it there.

We’ll consider disabling the withdraw function when there is no money in the Goal too.

Aim for what you love with Starling Goals 💰

Just to add that I got confused by this too and thought I was adding money to the goal, then got stuck.


+1 here confused me too.

For me, a much more intuitive way of setting a target amount would be the ability to set this on setup, on the same screen as you name the fund. Surely for 90% or so use cases people have a target when they are saving for something and having to create a goal THEN edit it just to add that target seems a bit like an unnecessary step to me.

By the way this bug/suggestion effects both android and ios, maybe a mod can update the thread title?

Also, another thing I would like to see added is a set of default images, things like a rainy day default image (like the one used in your marketing) would be great as I don’t really want to spend time finding an image on google, downloading it to my phone, then inserting it into the goal.

A bit of feedback from my first use!


That’s a good idea.


I’m imagining that they possibly used a Stock Photo which might not be licensed to use as a default image on everyone’s apps.

But you know what I think would be pretty awesome: Have Starling run a competition for us to submit some photos/artwork, etc for some default images for a number of categories and then let us vote, with perhaps a small (or big) prize for the winners?

We already know there’s a few keen photographers (looking at you @SS162) here on the forum, I’m sure we’ve got some secret artists too! I’d be really interested to see what people come up with!


I’d be happy to submit some pictures if Starling feel they are worthy or not :slight_smile:


If anyone is saving for a Disney Holiday you can have this if you want :slight_smile:

had to remove a crane from the pic but I think it came out ok. lol


Yep. And how about a competition to find the crane :grin:?


haha :eyes:


What do we think @JamesPratley, @sarah.guha?


have just set up a couple, very impressed ! another reason less to use my TSB account now :+1::+1::+1:


It’s a nice idea… the pics we used in our marketing were some of our own! The Golden Gate bridge is mine :bridge_at_night: I’ll suggest the default pics idea to our marketing team.