iOS Release 0.33.0


iOS 0.33.0 is now available or will be rolled out to you very soon.

We have an exciting month ahead, we kick-off with these updates:

  • New customers can now create an account straight away, no wait.
  • Your Invite to Starling screen has some visual updates – you can continue to spread the word.
  • Things change, so you can now keep us informed of any foreign tax responsibilities in app.
  • Having trouble knowing if you card is locked or unlocked, we’ve made some changes to make it clearer.

As always please let us know if you have any feedback or spot bugs. Another release planned for next week so keep an eye on your updates.

Card locking/security settings not clear

Updated. Will keep an eye for bugs etc. Cheers guys.


Just noticed it says about goals in the overdraft section so hopefully won’t be long now

✅ Sneak Peek: Starling Goals

All good for me at the moment.


I’m not seeing any difference on this one? What am I missing?


Just the wording has changed really, and the icon.


An update?

If this is the start of a month of updates, I can only hope that the updates improve. Whilst it’s nice to have a new logo or whatever, a little more substance in the next update(s) would be well received.


Sometimes we need a few visual updates. I’m sure there will be some great things coming.


This page became redundant within days of my downloading the app in August. Changing the words and icon does not give any useful advantage.


@Johnny I’m sure if you reach out to CS they will reset your counter allowing you to refer more friends if you’d like. :slight_smile:


Yes a few visual updates are always needed now and again, that’s usually what apps do that update on a weekly/bi weekly basis and run out of ideas to update.

I’m hoping Starling has a little more up it’s sleeve with some juicy updates. Some decent useful updates for some of the lacklustre features and with some exciting new ones.


Well we already know goals is coming…


Card security update:

Beautifully simple - thankyou.


Now that there’s no waiting list, isn’t the invite code sort of redundant now? Starling isn’t offering free t-shirts or other incentives so I guess people can now just recommend they download the app and just give a link to Starling’s website/the link to the appropriate App Store?


We can reset, will come someone on it :slight_smile:


I definitely like the look of this screenshot. Looks like you’ll be able to go into your overdraft but it will ‘remember’ how much of that was reserved for a goal and then put it back in the goal after you come back out of your overdraft.

I really like this if it is the case and much easier to manage than transferring money from a separate savings account and remembering to manually put it back/set up a Payment and hope everything is sorted by the date you have set up!

This is exactly how I was hoping it was going to work and was dreading it taking money out of the ‘pot’ to cover overdrafts and not put it back. Really well done @sarah.guha and team!


Yep. If no longer a waiting list then that entire page becomes redundant.