iOS Release 0.32.0


Starling have just launched their Marketplace, starting with Flux. Feedback guys.

Android Release 0.23.2 - Starling Marketplace

Looks good here are some screen shots.


How exciting we have the marketplace. Well done everyone!


Quick question… Where has Moneybox disappeared to in the app?


Starling haven’t officially announced yet, so if we can refrain from Tweeting for now :smile:


I can’t see Tail in the app now.




well… im glad the marketplace is up and running! :+1: although flux is useless to anyone that is not in London. And for the people in london its only useful if you buy from Eat or Belair. very limited start to the marketplace.


It’s a good start and it needs to have a chance to roll out to people to be fair. Flux is there sure others will be there when there ready.


@Joe_Merriman is right no announcement on web site or twitter yet just checked.


Word is now out, so please feel free to share on social now :slight_smile:
(Oh and Hi, I’m back)


Hi, welcome back :smile:


Good to see the Marketplace up and running, it’ll be interesting to see how it develops as new partners come onboard


Hey both - you can still see Moneybox and Tail in the app, but now Apps and Services have been moved into the Marketplace section: when you go to Marketplace, you’ll see ellipses (three dots) in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Upon selecting, you’ll see a Menu appear with the option “Manage Partners” listed first - this is where you’ll see Tail and Moneybox!


Got it, thanks @Megan_Caywood


Looks great! Looking forward to seeing what’s going to be available in the future!

However there’s a small typo on ‘investments’ maybe a letter is missing? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh here we go…famous words…“android coming soon”


Don’t think so?


Well…you shut me up! Haha


Cheers, got it.