iOS Release 0.31.0


I’ve created this topic for feedback on this release.


Just tried the Payee section.

It needs a lot of work to make it useable. It’s a shambles right now. The process of setting up a new Payee really needs some user testing.

For instance, choosing whether it’s a one off payment, a scheduled payment or a recurring payment should be asked before the amount it asks you to submit.


No ability to set up new payees without committing to paying an amount. Workaround is a scheduled payment in the future and then cancel the scheduled payment but I should not be having to look for workarounds to get basic functionality.


I note that @Gareth_Wright picked this up last month and @sarah.guha informed us it’s in the mix.



Once this works properly, I’ll switch.


Wish they would add the ability to see previous DD payment date history as they have on the android version.


I would also like ‘list’ view to return to the ‘Pay’ screen, along with being able to add a Payee without paying them.


I would love to be add payees without adding them as well @AshleyQuint


I preferred the “list” view


Same. Hopefully it will return as an option.


I found this less than helpful. :neutral_face:


Would be nice to see some development of the pulse which still seems a little flakey, the inconsistent display of maps, lack of an address or postcode on the transaction maps.
I know it is all in the pipeline but after several months and updates the basic errors do not appear to have been resolved.


You can make it save the payee via a work around. Create a new payee, enter account number and sort code and then it comes to the pay screen, click cancel. This then allows you to save the payee.


Agreed that a workaround shouldn’t be needed though. Under this method you shouldn’t need to set up a scheduled payment. Unfortunately I can’t seem to upload a video showing this


Yep, that works, @Graeme_Wright, thank you. :+1:

The fact that we have to find these things out really does say that the existing functionality has not been thoroughly thought through prior to implementation and there has been no proper user testing, otherwise this would have been identified and fixed before rolling it out.


Further testing on this. Alas, it is not possible to create a second Payee with the same account number and sort code.


What error message do you get? This one?


Yep! That’s the message I get.


I would also like a ‘list’ view on the Pay screen - I currently have ten payees, of which only six fit on the screen at the same time, I’m pretty sure if these were displayed as a list (or even just if the names were displayed without the circular ‘initials’) they would all fit on one screen no problem. Bump. :slight_smile: