iOS Release 0.30.0


Is released and will roll out to the App Store now.

Release Notes:

New feature:

  • New customers are now able to upload additional proof of address documents in app, making identity verification easier (and speedier) on those occasions that we need more information from you to set up your account.

We’ve also made some immediate updates following our last release:

  • If you lock your card in app, your security controls will be overridden and therefore inactive (although your settings will remain the same).
  • You’ll now be able to delete or edit an existing scheduled payment.
  • Easily explore the benefits of your card with the addition of our new travel benefits screens.
  • Trying to add and save your email address in your personal details? It’ll now update for you.


Oh and we have new app store listing assets! Anew video will be in the next submission.


Downloaded, will monitor for feedback. This release was quick :smile: The images in App Store are great!


Fantastic to see a new update so soon, and I’m glad the lock functionality now disables the security controls section - its much more logical.

However, the design issues remain (gaps between the controls in security controls, ambiguous descriptions, some options hidden behind menu that should be upfront). Hopefully these will be sorted in time.

Additionally with this update; the travel advantages are good to show, but the button placement is a bit arbitary. Why isn’t it just one of the round buttons at the bottom?


Like the new App Store imagery. Looks great.

I’m unsure of the placement of the travel screens. They feel like something I should see when I first sign up, and besides that the information in them could be nested inside FAQs or a dedicated travel section in the ‘More’ menu


Just found a small bug in the latest version…

When scrolling through scheduled payments I have one organisation that doesn’t have a logo. When you scroll past this and then back the logo is replaced with a logo of another organisation.

Here is a video of what I mean (look for Gloucester City Council)


@Graham_James_Phillip Hey, thanks for this! Really helpful with the video.
I’ll have the guys look at it. If you could either contact customer service or ping me your real name in DM, i can find out a bit ore information (like device and OS version) that helps in figuring this out.


I’ve a lot of scheduled payments according to the update I can edit or delete, I can see the cancel payment but how do I edit?


Great step forward.
However, @admdly’s comment about the travel link is spot on. The info provided is best formatted into FAQ’s. It doesn’t sit right on the card screen.


Yes, I noticed this. There is a cancel payment, but no edit. The only way to change a payment seems to be to cancel it and start again.


Totally agree about the travel benefits. Looks like a bit of a rush job to add in the release. I missed the blue rather than purple icon at first. The look and feel of the travel benefits screens is more like web site advertising. Most account holders probably are aware of the information already.