iOS Release 0.29.1


Hey there,
We’re really excited to share a feature packed release with you this week. Especially, a new and reimagined card section giving you even more control over how your Starling card can be used. Update is available in the app store now.

*NEW FEATURE: You can now personalise your payments experience by adding photos to your payees, and better visibility over your upcoming payments. (You’ll need your password for now, but we’ll make it easier soon. You will also see updates the create a payee and making a payment flow soon)
*NEW FEATURE: You can now turn your Starling card on/off for online purchases, ATM withdrawals, card present transactions, and digital wallets (don’t worry contactless is coming soon!). You can also see your Starling card number inside the app for improved convenience.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback – and if anything is :bug:-y to let us know.

Available balance on payment screen

Great release. I’ve been waiting for enhancements to card management. :blush:


It keeps opening up on the “invite to Starling screen” is this meant to happen?


after the 3rd/4th open its not doing it on mine anymore


Mine appears to have stopped as well.


The card has a different design on the card screen! Is this a sneak peek in itself? :thinking:


You can skip the Invite to Starling screen - it will appear twice - but then not again. Just trying to spread the word :wink:


This update is Sooo slick. It feels like we’ve leapt forward. Many thanks. :smile:


Pleased you like it - it’s definitely starting to feel like a succinct app, we agree!
We have @zulfi and Sam our iOS engineers to thank for the beautiful card updates.


I may be a bit thick and if I am I apologise , but, I have a scheduled payment to be payed on 23/8/17. How do I cancel it with the new update?


That @KenTheakstone is a good bug spot, thank you. The should be an options menu top right of the transaction detail. I’ll make sure this is resolved in time to make our next release (usually prepped on Wednesday). If anyone needs to cancel an order in the meantime, please get in touch with our CS team who can help.


Previous payment references are no longer shown for creating payments - may be annoying if paying a CC etc


In case anyone on Android is wondering what the new card management looks like :eyes:


Really like the new changes, especially with the payees screen - that looks much better. One question - would be good if you could have a list of payees like before (or at least have the option).


Ha ha - Android has it too!


List view versus grid view? @kjersti.larsen FYI


This is being updated for iOS. We already have previous references and are in the progress of making the same updates to iOS.


Android doesn’t have ‘Mobile Wallet’ :wink: and iOS doesn’t have ‘location based fraud protection’…

Kinda like that card design… will physical cards be like that?


I guess if you use both iOS and Android, you can turn off the use of Apple Pay remotely on Android or stop anyone setting it up on an iOS device.


nope, the option isn’t there