iOS Release 0.27.0


This app is very much about improving the sign up opening experience.

I don’t think it’s that clear that these features don’t apply (aren’t available) to existing customers.

A pre-release announcement could be an ideal method of managing expectations.



:star_struck: I got really excited to see this new version hit the app store this morning.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Then I got really frustrated when I couldn’t find the “brand new spending set up screen”

:confounded: And finally I got very sad when I realised that it only applied to new on-boarders


Optimising the ease of signing up is really important for us as we grow. It’s a shame we can’t all go back through it again and again (wasn’t it slick?!). Spending set up adds a couple of questions to our sign up preparing new users to use their spending insights by selecting the income categories that are most relevant to them, so we can soon add tagging to incoming payments. So…watch out for that soon.

How are you all getting on inviting friends to join you on Starling?


I was a little disappointed not to see the recurring payment references being added, or at least a quick fix of being able to cut and paste the previous reference. Now I know it’s not a huge thing, but hoping something would have been added by now. I’m surprised it wasn’t there at the start.

Now that your adding fancy birdcage can we have a few of the basics next time please.

But for the Apple Pay lovers I’m sure the past few weeks have been joyous at least!

My banking remains with my current bank, as to make this my full account would be very much a backward step at the moment. It’s up to you Starling.


Cosmetic and a small point, it would be nice to have the Starling logo when you first open the app instead of the blank screen that precedes the words Starling Bank appearing. With nothing showing you wonder if the app’s going to run.


Sorry there wasn’t anything you were specifically waiting for in this release, we do releases regularly so sometimes there will be lots of great updates, other times mainly improvements and fixes.

Our release for Android today did include the ability to select previous references for a payment. We haven’t made the update to iOS just yet as we are working on updating the whole payments experience for you instead. Making a smaller quick fix on the current experience doesn’t make sense to do - but it will come. Everything we do, we do incrementally… so on iOS you’ll soon see updates to the scheduled payments and your payees list screens, as well as the details screens for those. After that, we’ll update the payment creation flow.


I couldn’t agree more, as soon as time allows we’ll be updating this.


I love a good solid update, it excites me :nerd_face:


Thanks for the reply. I’m okay with that not being there, it’s not the biggest deal, the fact that bigger and better things are afoot does excite me though, so I’ll try not to be too upset!!

I fully appreciate that you must have loads going on so I’m happy to wait.

Thanks for the hard work, I can’t wait to see what comes next!


Will the functionality to set up spending be expanded to existing users? Or will this not be necessary once the related features are released? It seems unfair to leave existing users out of new functionality.



Is there a display problem @sarah.guha? This happens when you first launch the app and click on the tab.


Thanks Joe, we’ll take a look. I can’t replicate it at the moment.


Yes we are working the method for existing customers to set up income and categories for incoming payments. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s on it’s way.


Seems to be ok when you select specific months. I’ve sent a DM to CS with more screenshots!


Did you manage to replicate?


Hi Joe, Yes we did in the released app but not a later fix version so we hope a new release just for fixes (tomorrow) will resolve it. We’d love for you to let us know, as it wasn’t occurring on every user account.


So no new features tomorrow then? :disappointed_relieved:


Not tomorrow for iOS… we’ve been head down on something much more exciting (hint: rhymes with cravings)