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Android. Cheaper.


I’ve used both but have gone back to android as I prefer the customisation options.


Whoever has the phone that appeals to me when I upgrade. At the moment I’m on the OnePlus 3T.

I am eyeing up the iPhone 7 Plus but also the OnePlus 5.

I think Android keeps winning for me because everything is there already for me, whereas if I get an iPhone I’d have to set everything up again.


I’ve added a poll after trying for 5 minutes :rofl:


@GeorgeBroadley got the oneplusone 5 is a good phone.


All stores in iCloud?


It does, however that relies on you setting it all up and storing everything there.


IOS Starling Apple Pay!


Reasons I stick with iOS:

  • Security at the heart of iOS

  • Simplicity (it just works)

  • So smooth

  • integrates with my Apple TV, Mac, iPad, iPhone etc

  • iCloud

And of course… Apple Pay!

The list could go on… but Android is a great OS as well


With the customizability of Android, all these are possible except the integration with Apple specific devices on Android. Oh, and Apple Pay but we have Android Pay as well which works in exactly the same way.

I think the Android vs iOS debate is very much flawed now because there really aren’t that many people who are on the fence anymore, the vast majority of people will have a preferred OS and, in the case of Android, vendor.


True enough @GeorgeBroadley. And we probably have an interest in sticking with whatever platform we’ve plumped for so we don’t have to buy a new set of apps all over again for the other platform.


I’ve had both. I had android about 6/7 years ago on a dreadful Samsung Galaxy S2 which kept crashing. Swapped to an iPhone 4s (yes that long ago!!) and the problems ceased. As mentioned ‘it just works’, but I hate the smothered feel you have with Apple. I don’t own any other Apple product. I’d happily jump back to Android as I still have apps on there, but I like small phones (no more than 5 inches) which severely limits your flagship type phone on android. Shame as I’d go back tomorrow. I like the look of the oneplus, but they are huge, as are the Samsung.

Android/Apple pay don’t both me at all, so it doesn’t bother me what phone really. But it does annoy me that Apple apps/pay always tend to come first!?


there is an app in the Play store by Apple that will copy everything over to your iPhone for you #HelpingHand :wink:


Yep iOS with Apple Pay all the way!


iOS for me. My iPhone 7 works perfectly with my iPad, MacBook Pro and Apple TV. I will also be buying Apple HomePod as soon as it’s released. :heart_eyes:

Android isn’t bad though. Many people seem happy with it. The S8 is nice.


I love Android and iOS. However the biggest issue for me with Android is the lack of support for timely security updates. For all of the hot air some of the biggest Android based manufacturers spout about being on top of security updates their actions speak louder than the words. Yes they have got better in some instances but are way behind Apple in timely updates and length of time they support updates for devices.


iOS all the way! It just works and is uncluttered.


5 inch screen pixel clean Android experience with no crap. Or wait for the pixel 2 that’ss not to going to be any bigger


Until recently, I was Android through and through. Trouble is, I got really into rooting the handset to squeeze that latest bit of dodgy functionality out of it. With that came the concern around security, even more so when I opened my Starling account.

So I transferred to iPhone, successfully I think. But there’s no doubt - Android’s more fun…