iOS: Implement "Swipe to Go Back" gesture in more screens


There are a number of primary screens that still don’t support the standard back swipe gesture in iOS and so are hard to exit from when using your device one-handed, specifically:

  • Add Money
  • Viewing a Goal
  • Viewing a Spending Category
  • Viewing a Merchant History

But it seems that throughout the app the majority of screens have been implemented as modal “slide up” screens with a “Close” button in the top left, instead of as “slide in from left” screens with a “Back” button in the top left which will also support the back swipe gesture. This isn’t really how iOS apps are ideally meant to be designed. The slide up models are meant to be used sparingly, whereas most screens should slide in from the right.

E.g. the following screens all use the “slide up” and “Close” way when they should really be “slide from left” and “Back”:

  • Add Payee
  • Settle Up
  • View Profile
  • Marketplace
  • Invite to Starling
  • Overdraft
  • Card Control
  • Card Security

Take a look at other iOS apps such as those from Revolt and Monzo, they get things right in this regard.

Having to regularly try and tap a “Close” button in the top left is so annoying on the iPhone X (or Plus sized phones) that this truly is something that is making me hesitate to move to Starling.

I previously posted this as a reply to another post, but as that post is marked as “Solved” I don’t believe it’s getting the attention deserved. So I apologise for re-posting.


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