iOS fingerprint instead of password thoughout app


Hi, Is there a reason why the iOS app can use the fingerprint to unlock it but then require you to type the password to change a payee’s picture (or pretty much any other change)? It’s really annoying when the tech is clearly being used already. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes please!


They are looking making changes to when the password is required.


It would be good if they also look at when authentication is not required. I don’t need to authenticate with the Starling app separately, but for some reason the app seems to insist on authentication periodically despite having switched off Touch ID under the Login & Security options in app.

And then sometimes I get the peculiar behaviour being asked to touch somewhere on the screen so the Touch ID authentication box appears (which I don’t want anyway!).


I was just about to post this very same request as a new topic but had a look through the forum first.

Yes! Touch ID authentication for creating or changing Payee details, please.

Thanks in advance.


Having to put a password in to add a Payee photo takes the biscuit a bit lol.

I guess TouchID makes that less arduous but not everyone has TouchID


I believe @sarah.guha said on one of the other posts that they are reviewing the password/TouchID input requirements so it’s more realist to security.


This might be what you’re looking for… :sunglasses:


Yup that’s the one! Thanks @JamesPratley :slight_smile: