iOS App: Use appropriate keyboard type for URLs, Account Numbers etc



There seems to be a few times in the iOS app (can’t speak for Andriod) where the standard keyboard is displayed, instead of the built-in iOS keyboard type that’s more appropriate for the data being entered:

Account Number & Sort Code should show number pad: (Starling vs Monzo app)

URLs should show the URL keyboard:

There is even a keyboard optimised for Twitter input:

I think this especially important for entry of account details as using the number pad isn’t just quicker and easier but also reduces the chance of typing a wrong digit, which can be especially disastrous!

Don't be fussy on sort codes

Agreed :+1: Look for fixes in release 0.51 which is CommingSoonTM.

Creating Payee change

Not seeing any changes in 0.52, should I be?


When you come round to looking at this @Kris, could you please also check the validation that’s on the Facebook field?

As it often complains to me about the username not being valid, and I’m never sure if I need to include “” or not (perhaps pre-fill it if it is). Cheers!

Facebook URL in question:


Looking good in 0.53! Thanks!


I’m still not getting the right keyboard types in 0.53


Web and FB are set to URL based…Twitter is set to Twitter optimized.


Sorry, should have clarified. The “Improve the logo” screen now has the proper keyboards for its fields. I believe the add Account screen is still being worked on as it will need to vary for different countries.




Thanks @Kris , number pads for account number and sort code are working great in 0.54

A couple of improvements could still be made to the “Improve the logo” screen:

  1. Autocorrect shouldn’t really be active on the Website, Twitter or Facebook fields. URLs and usernames aren’t often dictionary words so it can end up kicking in uneccecarily and breaking URLs.

  2. The Twitter keyboard has no “Return” key, so there is no way to dismiss the keyboard in order to get to the “Submit” button. You end up having to tap another field then tap the return button, then the “Submit” button. Maybe move the Submit/Send option to the top right so it’s always visible (see above screenshots).