iOS: App Reinstall Repeated Crash



I’ve been experiencing a bizarre issue with my iPhone recently which results in all apps periodically logging me out, which is clearly extremely frustrating. This happened again yesterday and I have spent most of this afternoon logging back in to everything.

I was initially faced with an error saying “Device limit reached” (obviously due to previous reinstalls), however after a quick Live Chat reset I was able to re-register with my phone number and password as normal.

After re-registering the app seemed to commence the log-in process, however it then promptly crashed. Restarting my phone and re-installing the app has had no success. Initially I suspected it was related to Touch ID so disabled that and re-installed again, however unfortunately that has not fixed it.

I’ve uploaded a screen-cap video here demonstrating trying to boot the app:

I’m an iOS developer myself so am happy to share my device crash logs with a Starling dev privately should this help with diagnosis. Obviously a very frustrating issue as I now have no way of viewing my balance or interacting with my account. :tired_face:


Hi @Wehrley. Thanks for raising this- I’ve passed it onto the iOS team to investigate for you.