iOS App: Improvements to switching between business & personal accounts



The switching between your personal and business accounts on iOS could be a bit easier/slicker.

Currently, you have to tap the very small icon in the top right of the Home screen (which can be a stretch to get to, especially on an iPhone X!). Then you have to tap the equally small icon for the other account in the top right corner, and finally, you have to tap an even smaller “X” icon, in the same top right corner, to dismiss the menu and view your balance.

Some suggestions for improving this:

  • My preference: Provide a permanent icon to switch straight to the other account from the Home screen (maybe even in the bottom right :stuck_out_tongue: ), it would be very cool if the balance for this account could also be displayed next to the icon, so you could always see the balance of both accounts from either Home screen.
    This would be especially useful for freelancers who often have to juggle the balances of both accounts.

  • Add a gesture shortcut for switching between accounts.
    (e.g. in Tweetbot, where you can just swipe over the profile icon to instantly switch between accounts with a single flick.)

  • Automatically dismiss the menu when switching accounts, as you’re usually wanting to get straight to your balance/transactions.

Are business accounts still in beta?

Thanks @jcwacky for your feedback. Adding @Harry our UX designer and our iOS dev @Sam_Stone to the thread to review your feedback.


I would prefer a hamburger menu for main switching or loading of certain screens. Seems much easier than the current hidden navigation options. I find myself clicking random icons to see if screens open. That’s how I found to switch to business account. Not friendly at all


I agree that ultimately changing the current profile image to a hamburger menu icon (and even changing the full-screen menu to a slide in one) could make sense. But I definitely wouldn’t want to lose the bottom navigation icons, they are much quicker and easier to get to for switching between the main app screens, compared with stretching to reach the hamburger nav icon and then performing a second tap on the item I want.

Using a hamburger menu icon for the main menu could then free up using profile images for a new dedicated account switcher component.

Joint account feedback

A big reason I chose Starling as my new bank is because they provide business and personal accounts, and as a freelancer, I need both.

After having both accounts with the same bank (NatWest) and being used to the ease of viewing both balances and transferring money back and forth between the accounts, all within the same app meant I’d immediately discounted using separate banks for personal and business. So Monzo and Coconut were immediately ruled out.

However, after seeing how Starling deals with switching between personal and business accounts, I’ve suddenly realised that having both my accounts with Starling doesn’t bring any day-to-day benefits. It’s not easier to view both balances, it’s not easier to transfer money between the accounts.

In fact, currently, I feel it would be easier for me to switch between my personal and business accounts if they were with different banks. I find pressing the home button and launching a different app easier than the current 3 awkward taps in the top right corner that is required in the Starling app. I could then use a single swipe on iOS to instantly swap between the two apps.

So with this realisation, I’m now rethinking my personal and business bank providers. Starling & Natwest? Monzo & Coconut? Hmm.

Unless we could see something like this mockup soon?? :slight_smile:

* all amounts made up

Are business accounts still in beta?
Identify Account

Really useful feedback, @jcwacky


Totally agree. Currently it’s very clumsy to switch between accounts and is more than a little annoying. Hope this gets resolved soon. It could even be left the same as it but just a hard press (3d touch or long press on non iOS ) could quick switch to your other account?


I agree a gesture should be used as well. possibly a “whole screen swipe” left/right like the way safari does back/forward.