iOS app crashes when updating transaction categories



Long-standing issue in the app that is still present in iOS version 0.40.1

Whenever I go into the app to review transactions and change the categories assigned to them (the default assignments are often wrong for my transactions), the app will crash and force close after a few changes. There seems to be no exact number of changes (or distance back in my history) that causes the crash, but the issue suggests there is some kind of memory leak or buffer overrun issue that needs fixing.

Please investigate this as it is extremely irritating.


Hi, what device are you using? I’ve not experienced any crashes on the iPhone 8 Plus.


Have replicated this bug on an iPhone 6S Plus, IPhone 7 Plus and the IPhone X.


Cheers. I’m sure this will get sorted ASAP.


Hi @chrisgreen

Just a thought but I’m wondering if you have done an uninstall/reinstall of the Starling app? Including removing any data that the Starling app saves in your iCloud storage (though I don’t think it saves anything so this should be OK)? I realise this is a pain, but I’m working on an assumption that as you have moved from iPhone 6 Plus to 7 Plus to X you are likely to have restored your old iPhone backup to your new device via either iCloud backup or iTunes backup. If there is any ‘corrupt/bad’ data, it will just get restored to your new device as part of the restore of the image. Hence my recommendation of clearing it all out and starting afresh by removing all traces of Starling from your device.

Sorry if you have done all this, but I have not experienced this crash on my iPhone 7 at all, though admittedly the ‘Plus’ screen may be a factor here. Would be interesting to see if other Plus users have experienced this.



Yes - I have already tried deleting the app, purging data and reinstalling (more than once). Makes no difference.

Also, I did not restore the iPhone X from a 6S Plus backup, I built up the app set on my X from scratch, so no legacy data was carried across from the older phone. The iPhone 7 Plus is someone else’s (another Starling user) that is also experiencing the same issue.


I have also replicated this bug on my iPhone 8 Plus (iOS 11.2.1).

If you view exactly 44 transactions in a row, the app will crash (at least on my phone).

I hope this helps the engineers track down the issue.


That explains why I’ve not experienced it. Cheers.