iOS 3D Touch


I have an iPhone 6 so don’t have 3D Touch as the newer models do but to those who do I’d be curious to know how this is used across current apps you use and how you think this could be useful in the Starling app?

3D Touch iOS

3d touch is great, and criminally underused.

it’s typically used when opening the app to “shortcut you” to the pay screen, etc. A cool shortcut could be to freeze the card, for example. Or it could be used on the pulse as a way to switch between today/this week/this month


Another thing that could be implemented would be to “preview” transactions from the home feed.


Any plans to add 3D Touch support for iOS. To display some common actions and perhaps a balance?



It’s the lack of little features like this that concerns me about Starling.

I get that Starling likes to have a bigger discussion and understand specifically how/why users want/use certain features, but a simple widget displaying your balance and spending, plus a few 3D Touch shortcuts doesn’t really require a larger discussion and should be something that can be implemented fairly quickly, without taking away significant resourses from the development of larger features.