iOS 12's Muted Notifications can prevent important messages from being seen


Just a really quick idea here that might help when the masses upgrade to iOS 12.

I had an issue yesterday where I’d kept some direct debit money in my Goals, but I’d forgotten to move it into the main account as I had 2 DD’s going out yesterday.

Because I have the Do Not Disturb mode for notifications set up on iOS 12 between 10pm and 6am every day, the two push messages I received from Starling to say I need to put funds in by 4pm that day had come in around 1.30am. This meant when I woke up, I didn’t see them.

So, it wasn’t till late last night when testing push notifications on an app we are building, that I spotted these in the the notification centre.

So, it’s meant those two DD’s weren’t paid (thankfully I’ve sorted them this morning by paying the companies directly via my debit card).

Could we have an alert in the app itself, perhaps on the main screen that DD’s are due today? If you miss those push messages, and you’re forgetful (have kids who swipe messages away when they are watching YouTube for example, or are just busy!) you’d have no way of knowing that payments were coming out that day.

I can’t be the only one who’s fallen foul of this! :wink:


The in app notification or alerting does need looking at. It has been discussed before but not sure where Starling has got too on this.


Also, with the ability to completely mute notifications from specific apps in iOS 12, this could get to be an even bigger issue. Only takes a wrong swipe somewhere to disable/silent notifications then you’ll never know when things failed or need attention.


They was testing notifications of direct debits due the next day, but have stopped that at the moment. If they actually bring that back, that would solve the problem, you would have been prewarned during the previous day of upcoming direct debits.


it doesn’t solve the problem if that “day before/reminder” push goes out when the user has snoozed notifications though.


Does the alert not create a red circle notification?

I often miss notifications that pop up on the lock screen (especially in DND), but if there is that little circle on the app icon - I always clear it (by looking at it).


It doesn’t, and it should do really. Bit like if you miss the customer service notification. No easy way ‘at a glance’ of knowing there is a message waiting for you.


Notifications need a complete overhaul anyway.

Having upcoming direct debits and standing orders in your feed, would be a simple way to see them, or a notification center, that shows unread notifications.


I believe integrating notifications into the app is being worked on, as a minimum I’d expect:

  • A history of all notifications viewable from the app.
  • Tapping a notification opens you into a screen relevant to that notification (and to the correct account)
  • Badge showing number of unread notifications should now be possible.

So these improvements should help avoid this issue.

How exactly does this differ in iOS 12? I have it setup just like this on iOS 11, and when I turn the phone on when I wake up any notifications that came in overnight are there waiting for me.


Yeap, even if you have the new ‘bed time’ mode on, any notifications that were pushed overnight will be listed in notification centre. iOS 12 is also going to have new ‘critical’ notifications that can break through DND and bedtime mode.


Only in notification centre? Or on the lock screen like it does in iOS 11?


Not on the lock screen (for bed time mode at least) — screen will be off all night, and the screen will be blank in the morning with ‘Good Morning’ displayed as text. You can then go into notification centre to view all the notifications that came in overnight.


Just trying to recall — pretty sure if you leave bed time mode off and just use normal DND, then you’ll see your notifications listed as on iOS 11.


Ah yes, I forgot about the new “Do Not Disturb at Bedtime” mode, I now remember in the keynote them saying that you no longer had to wake up to masses of notifications when you first turned your screen on. I hope this is optional as I wouldn’t want it personally.


I’ve never actually used it before on iOS 11, so this may not be entirely new. The fact iOS 12 groups notifications up by default too can result in you missing stuff, as you’ll only see the latest push on top of the stack. If you even see it at all.

And yes, like @Jai mentioned above, you can see them in the notification centre afterwards, if you swipe down. But, they are pretty easy to miss!

Anyway, whether it’s an iOS 11 or 12 thing, the fact that messages are hidden or potentially muted completely does then have an impact on the users ability to see important messages.


Yeah, there’s a toggle but I can’t remember if it’s on or off by default :slight_smile:


I use bedtime mode, which is why I have this problem :slight_smile: