iOS 11 compatibility


I just upgraded my iPhone to the iOS 11 public Beta. Can you tell me when this will be compatible with starling app? I am still getting notifications but the app won’t load, which is surreal.


In their slack channel they confirmed update in testing for iOS 11 compatibility


I don’t know what slack channel means.


An update will arrive soon, in the mean time I’d recommend rolling back to iOS 10, if using Starling is critical


They already e-mailed me to tell me that.

What do you mean by slack channel?


You can join the dev Starling slack channel


Thanks. I’ll stick with iOS 11. I’m liking it.


Wow, that was quick. Thanks.


@Robert_Shaw - have you checked out the latest version of the iOS app, which we released this morning? This has some fixes in for iOS 11 and we’re keen to hear your experience.


Thanks @ben.chisell all working again in iOS11

Top work by the devs at Starling to get this working with the Beta :slight_smile:


Great to hear. I’ll pass the message on to our iOS team.


Yes, I have it thanks. All working fine. Great job.


What’s the stability / compatibilty like with Starling using iOS 11 like now? the launch is imminent.


It’s fine. Working great.


Not even a blip :grinning::+1:


I have an  Developer License so have been on all the iOS 11 Beta Builds in recent months (currently Beta 9). Starlings App has been perfect during all of them for me. No problems at all.


I’d say almost perfect… It freezes every now and again and I have to force quite… not sure if its a Starling or Apple issue


iOS 11 has arrived guys. Let’s get downloading.


I downloaded last week for iPad on the Beta GM after the keynote. So good on iPad now - and its only going to get better. The only thing I miss on iPad is Tweetdeck, just doesn’t work in Safari.


Been using it on my 7 + and iPad Pro since June Keynote (I have an  dev license). You’ll love it :wink: