iOS 11.2 - Log out bug


So I open the app today and I’m presented with this…

I now have no access to transfer my money. :confused:


Also this is a great advert for a desktop interface by the way!


Delete and reinstall, this should resolve it.


Yep that did it :ok_hand:t2:

Phew :sweat_smile:Top man


I’m glad it’s sorted :smile:


The same happened to me after updating to iOS 11.2.

At least it’s easily sorted. :slight_smile:


The new app release today for iOS included a fix for 11.2 - we’re very sorry we missed this and pleased to push an fix for you today.


It’s ok, I’m giving support whilst on holiday :joy:


I kind of panicked when this happened to me. I installed the app with no issues on my new iPhone X. Although when I installed it on my new iPad I was faced the screen in the original post. After I filled it out all of my transactions and money was not showing


Thankfully I killed the app and all was good. Although it put the fear of Thor into me!