Investment/savings category


Can we have an investments/savings category? I guess this will be more useful when payments are included in the spending insights.

Savings Category

Noted! I’ve let the team know about this suggestion. :grin:


Do Starling have any plans to offer a savings account?

As interest drops on balances greater than £2000 in the current account it would be good to have an option to automatically transfer any funds greater than this into a savings account, preferably with Starling.


I think this is what the market place will be for. If you want better interest there will be partners you can send the money off to.


Hi Tina. We plan to offer a savings and investment style products from partners you can choose from in the Marketplace as it evolves. It will be fully integrated with the app. Its in the works.


Excellent news. Thanks Steven.


Not a bad idea. Potentially we could also make categories customizable so you can simply create or edit and add the ones you want.


Please do this, I wanted to make a category for “bad” spending on impulse buys or the pub.