Invalid Sort Code


Had a call from my finance dept today saying that my bank details were invalid :sob:

I assured them that they are not, and provided a screenshot from They are going to investigate and might need to phone Bank of Scotland. Fingers crossed…

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Hi Colin, We have found that some companies/hr providers need to update the sort code records they use, so now you’ve notified them we hope this is resolved. Please let our customer service team know about this one if you aren’t able to resolve it yourself.
p.s. It’s awesome you’re using Starling as your primary account :slight_smile:


Hi, is your payroll provider iTrent by any chance?
This provider is quite a large one - and seems one that needs the sort code to be manually assigned when it is used for the first time.
Run into this myself before :slightly_smiling_face:


The company I work for use Itrent. I told the pay department and they updated the records. Looks like the update is not passed around Itrent. I


I had this with my payroll team, and I had to include my colleagues in our support team, as one of the databases wasn’t updated, but cue 10mins later and it was all updated…

I think the issue is that sort codes dont really come and go, so the data is static…

We checked using this site as that is BACs system. :slight_smile:


I’ve just tried to setup a direct debit with Charles Stanley Direct and it was rejected. I wonder if this is the issue.


Heard back from them and it was indeed because Starling are too new.


have they updated it for you now?


Nope, they’ve sent me a form to fill in and post to them. They plan to update their system at some point though.


I work at one of the UKs biggest cinema company and I had tons of issues being passed from department to department.

They use a system where you type in a sort code and it matches you up with a bank and branch, as the Starling account didn’t match any it said it was invalid!

Took a couple of weeks but I got them to manually add the sortcode to the database!

Starling couldn’t of helped more, couldn’t of asked for better customer service!


SSE refuses to set up Direct Debit - wrong bank details ;(


I had the same with my local council when I switched my account to Starling when they transferred all my direct debits the council contacted me as the Starling sort code didn’t exist in their records. They had to manually add, didn’t cause any issues though and my council tax was taken out in time.


Hope I don’t have this issue :open_mouth:


A form and post. Love it.


My wages appeared on time :grinning: - someone had to call bank and have them update my details manually.


Mine also worked, first time having them paid into Starling :raised_hands:


I too had to get my HR dept add Starling’s sort code into their database but its now in there and got paid yesterday at 00:01 :clock12:


Mine worked first time but finance manager said who’s starling bank lol


The amount of times, I’ve had “Who’s Starling” people need to get to know :rofl:


Had the issue with my network provider, had to phone them to manually put my account details in as the web interface would reject them. My HR department seemed fine with it though so at least I can get paid. :joy: