Invalid Account Number


I’ve recently taken out V12 financing for something and their systems wouldn’t allow me to use my Starling account for the Direct Debit as they don’t recognise the account number as being valid.

Anyone else had this kind of issue?

Invalid Sort Code

I assume this issue may relate to a new sort code. I had similar in the past when using a new bank as the company concerned had failed to comply with BACS rules requiring them to update their sort code database monthly. Non compliant firms can be reported to BACS for them to persue.

However, if the sort code is accepted by them and just the account number isn’t then I would suggest you contact Starling thru the app to report it. They may be able to liase with the firm to resolve the problem.


Good advice again… :grinning:

Makes you wonder what prevents companies from complying with updating their systems…

It’s not as if Starling just appeared at the beginning of this month is it?

The problem I foresee is that issues like this, that are beyond the customers control are ultimately going to stop people from wanting to switch fully to Starling or Monzo, along with the other massive inconvenience of no Mastercard Securecode…

People just want to make transactions at the end of the day… You don’t usually get these sorts of issues with legacy banks…


it’s interesting because it’s definitely the account number and not the sort code they are having an issue with.

I completed the application with my Lloyds account and I am going to see what happens when I try and update the direct debit to come from Starling after the 1st payment has been taken


I know some companies have a system with a database and algorithms to check the validity of account numbers, it is therefore worth persuing this problem with customer services.