Introducing: Settle Up


Meet Settle Up - the new way to request money from friends with the Starling Bank app.

Simply set the amount, add a message, share the link with your friends (even if they don’t use Starling) and get paid back - fast and hassle free. :iphone:

Read the original blog post :

Request / Collect Money / Split Bill
Settle Up message missing

Well done Starling - answer is here. This is great;

@sarah.guha or anyone at Starling could please let us know If its possible to edit the default full name URL


The date stamp on that blog post looks like it’s wrong - this was published today wasn’t it?



I think it’s just cached from our staged version - it’s updated to the 20th February 2018 now.



It’s not possible to edit the username on your url at the moment I’m afraid. We’ve posted a few FAQs on our website here which is worth a quick read:



In case anyone else runs into this - I’ve checked with support & the latest version of the app, which this is included in, isn’t yet available in the iOS App Store for me..


It sometimes takes a little while to roll out, it will be with you soon.


I downloaded it in the last hour or so from Google Play Store and it working OK on my Android


Could you please post your Settle Up link? I’m interested to see the page & how it works..


Take a look at


@sarah.guha can you guys please make this editable at least so it can be shortened by removing some bits from long names.


Thanks. I was hoping to see a user’s page though.


@alexs here;

Sorry @sarah.guha hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Ha! :moneybag:


Don’t forget my 10% if you do get any :wink:


@sarah.guha another question; Just checked your Settle Up link and under your photo, you’ve partial mobile number but it’s not there on my link… Why is this different? Just curious…


The example posted turned into OneBox.

So you can see what a users link looks like as text it is something like this


The number shows on the payment page for the person you’re paying so you can sense check it might be the right person before confirming. We don’t show these details on the landing pages.


I’ve not tested it out fully yet, but it’s looking really good.

I noticed (as an Android user) that my link has my profile picture on it from when I added it via my backup iOS device. :slight_smile:


I don’t see this feature anywhere in my app yet. (iOS). I was welcomed with an updated T&C…that’s it.