Introducing our new Community Managers


Hello all,

I wanted to update you all that behind the scenes here I have been doing a bit of my own product development for the last 8 months, I am due to be going on maternity leave at the end of this week (due 14th July) which means I will be offline from the community for a while.

To make sure we can continue to answer your questions as quickly as possible, and give you insight into our product development, we’re welcoming @Oliver_Wright and @LoganAllan as dedicated Community Managers.

Dedicated Community Managers
Former customer service team members Ollie and Logan are Starling experts, and work closely with our CS team to help resolve any issues you have. They’ll also be tightly knitted into our product team so we can be more transparent and give you regular updates on what we’re working on too. And, on the occasion when they might not be able to answer your question right away (it will happen!) you can expect the Community Manager to acknowledge your question and work with teams throughout Starling to provide a helpful update to you as quickly as possible.

I’m sure you’ll get to know Ollie and Logan well as they begin to take the reigns of the Starling Community and shape it into an informative and helpful forum for our customers. They’ll be taking on board your feedback in the “What do you want to see more of” thread so why not let them know if you have further ideas in the meantime.

When should you continue to use @StarlingSupport?
If you have a question about your account which you’ve not been able to answer from our FAQs or asking the community, we recommend you contact our customer service team. If your question is not an urgent one (and not specific to your account) then you can use the Bugs & Help Category to create a discussion thread and tag @StarlingSupport to draw it to our CS teams attention. This alias includes Ollie and Logan so they’ll always see it, but it also opens up the question for one of our customer service team leads to respond to as well meaning you’ll hopefully receive a response more quickly. Our CS team leads are @Alexandra, @Robin, @Kai @Hannah.

What about reporting bugs?
Please continue to use the Bugs & Help topic to let us know if you’ve spotted a bug. @Callum in our customer service team is now dedicated to monitoring for bug feedback, trying to replicate the issue or ask you for further help to understand the issue, and to track progress towards a fix through our product and engineering teams.

What about product?
Got a burning question for the product team? You’ll still find our product managers on the community gathering insight to inform our product strategy and roadmap.

So that leaves me to say thank you for every suggestion, idea, piece of feedback and bug report you’ve raised. I love your enthusiasm for what we’re trying to achieve at Starling and I look forward to jumping back in once I have found my feet with parenting (where I am definitely not the subject expert… you’ll find me over on Mumsnet!)

Take care,


Hi Sarah

Thank you for this great update and I look forward to working alongside @LoganAllan @Oliver_Wright and team.

I wish you all the very best with the baby and enjoy your time. @sarah.guha you’ll be missed.




@sarah.guha Good luck, and we look forward to when you get back to work for a rest in a few months.


Nice to see dedicated Community Managers.

And great to see information on who is going to be doing what and helping with things.


Good luck @sarah.guha. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in!


Great to have @LoganAllan and @Oliver_Wright on here to take care of all things community.

I’m still here too for another few months until I head back to university for my final year. My inbox is always open so give me a shout if you need me! No doubt I’ll still be here in my personal capacity after August. :slightly_smiling_face:


Best wishes @sarah.guha, the sleepless nights are all worth it in the end! Be sure to let us know how you’re getting on when the baby arrives :smiley:


@sarah.guha thanks for the heads up and look forward to seeing a good new structure for the boards. Good luck wit the baby Sarah and enjoy maternity leave.


Welcome @Oliver_Wright and @LoganAllan!

@sarah.guha Congratulations, hope all goes well for you. :baby:


I should hope so! :white_check_mark::fire:


Best of luck to you and your family @sarah.guha!


Thanks for the update @sarah.guha and best of luck.


Thank you all! I will pop by with a baby update I am sure.


Well, I for one am incredibly disappointed at the lack of communication! I was expecting a baby roadmap at the least :wink:

Seriously though, congratulations :tada: and best wishes to you and your family @sarah.guha.


Congratulations @sarah.guha! Hope to see you back on the forum when you return