Introducing our new card


We’re delighted to be sharing more information behind the fresh new look we’ve given to our debit cards. See the blog here!

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A new kind of card for a new kind of bank

Good read! The cards look better the more I look at them.

Question @Mark.Day - Yesterday, we briefly touched on how it takes longer than people think, to make a design change such as this.

Can you go into more detail about what design challenges you had?

There will be many people (myself included), who have zero design background, and know nothing of the process in changing something like this.

Also, are the Joint Account cards delayed purely due to time frame to get them from the manufacturers?

Or have they not actually been designed yet?

Thanks again for the Q and A yesterday, top work all around from Starling.


I’m not overly impressed with the new design. Rounded corners can make it harder to take out of your wallet. Some businesses, specifically car hire in my experience, insist on embossed numbers on cards.
Metal would have been interesting but the most interaction I’ve had using cards is when they are personalised. I think you missed out on a trick here


Not a user of Starling, but not a fan.

Looks more like a hotel room card than it does a debit card, my honest opinion.


I’m not sure about the obsession of metal cards, I don’t think they necessarily look better than plastic.


Thanks for explaining the concept behind how the cards were chosen. They look good can’t wait to see them in the flesh eventually.


Often it’s purely down to perceived status. Like all those people almost 20 years back who used to “by mistake” get their new Amex Centurion out to pay for a round of drinks in the pub instead of the Lloyds they’d used for years “Oh, i’m always getting the wrong one out. Oh, THIS? Oh, that’s just my Black Card. Invitation only, no limits” You could spot those guys around Soho Square back in the day, we used to call them “the see you next* -turians”

*replace with appropriate expletive


Hey @StarlingSupport @Mark.Day unembossed cards used to be associated with online only use few years ago I think Santander is one of the banks use to issue them.
Just wondering will there was any sort of assessment done on how the new card design will impact visually impaired people?


I’ve seen on the article on that the cards are only available for new customers - existing Starling customers need to wait until their card expires (3 years). Is this right?



No. Contact chat and they will put you on the list. Obv they’re trying to avoid issuing new cards to virtually every customer in one go, so have created a list to work through of those of us who are keen for new ones.


Ok, fair enough. I was wondering if a customer might have to ‘lose’ their card to get the new design :wink:


I think they sussed how sneaky we all are and that there could be 50k sudden card loss/damage requests in a week if they weren’t pro-active, so did it this way. The COps guy i spoke to yesterday to get on the list said he’d put his name down too, so i think they realised from internal reaction it was going to be a big deal and took precautions, which is why the official line is new customers only, but with a way for us to get one without suddenly becoming very forgetful of where we put the old one… :wink:


I love the vertical card! Not crazy about the color, but I guess you need to see the card to appreciate it. I also like the austere graphics, with the card number on the rear. But wouldn’t putting the cardholder’s name on front add a personal touch? Also, how about putting the S logo, which I really like, on front?


Good read. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed it and looking forward to (eventually) getting a new card.


Great to hear that you have done the new card designs. I did ask about this when I took the business account at the start, and was told that business users could get the new cards right away when they were released as right now we cant differentiate between the personal and business card, other than the number!

I just asked on CS and was told that they can register my interest, but only new users get the cards right now. This is a different story to what we were told a few months ago.

Can we (business users) please get the new cards right away so that we can rectify the issue with having 2 cards the same please? @LoganAllan @Oliver_Wright


Hypothetically… If a card was, say… damaged… They would replace it?


They have already stated that replacement cards will unlikely be the new design.


We’re not issuing these to all customers straight away. Please register your interest with our customer service team in-app! :slight_smile:


I can honestly say I’ve never held a contactless card in portrait mode to a PDQ machine - I hold the edge landscape and tend to touch the chip end to the reader. Speaking of landscape…

…I understand the idea behind the portrait orientation, but it begs the question why all the details on the back are still in landscape?! From reading the blog, surely it would have made more sense to have both sides in portrait?