Introducing: Merchant blocking for gambling and betting


Sometimes the smallest step can make a huge difference. We’re proud to be putting you in control of your money with our new gambling and betting merchant block feature. Toggle on from Card Controls within the app! :game_die::credit_card:

Read more here on the blog:

Gambling Blocker

Just read an article and I’m not sure I’ve heard this anywhere else. Is this true?


The press are getting sneak peeks before us! :joy:


Industry first? :thinking:

Reading that article I was convinced they just had the wrong bank - for “Starling”, read “Monzo”. However, you get towards the end and it’s clear that this is actually a Starling feature. Where was the announcement? Absolutely nothing on the community, no blog post, not even a tweet!


I did the same until I saw the comment from Anne. I was convinced it was an error until half way through

The release does give the impression it’s not the first, which Starling are claiming, but also not as good as "Monzo’s system actually requires customers who want to turn the block off to call the bank and speak to a rep. "


I would imagine this will be in the update coming today alongside the notification updates they’ve been doing.


Yeah I was confused too. I was wondering if the journo had mixed Starling and Monzo too.

If it’s true, it’s almost useless anyhow (although I should probably wait to see it in action before making such a rash comment). Having a pop up and being able to just cancel is not going to prevent those with an addiction from accessing the sites.


It’s no mix up - we’re proud to be launching this feature later today. Pleased to see some keen beans talking about this one (even if you did beat us to posting about it first :wink: ). More info to come later today, once we’re in the office! :iphone:


Although this is a welcomed step in the right direction, this is neither first nor adding any real friction.

Problem gamblers will turn this off in a heartbeat.

And here’s a Monzo user already using the feature:


Sorry… I think I’ve let the cat out of the bag! :speak_no_evil:


Don’t feel too guilty, I posted the same article on the Starling Vs Monzo thread :slight_smile:


As it’s ‘an industry first’ im hoping that this will be something more innovative that a pop up?


Seems a pointless feature if you can turn it on and off when ever you wish. Doesn’t actually stop you from gambling, just gives you the standard if you have a gambling problem use gambling aware.

I don’t gamble so it’s of no use to me, but I know people that have done and know for a fact this would not stop them at all.

However we only have that article to go by, so it might be more than a simple switch in app.


it lets people think twice


Gamblers don’t think twice though, as anyone that has dealt with them will tell you.




I can see a gambler turning that on to please their other half, then as soon they get into a bookies turning it off again.


Oh no, this is a worry. If this is the innovative take on this feature, then joint account situation fills me with dread!


Agreed, that’s far too easy to turn off. Doesn’t seem well thought through.


No Android update yet so I can’t see it.