Introducing Joint Accounts


Awesome to hear @Ad13 I agree, simply being able to see where your spending is going EASILY really does help to curve your spending. :wink:

Starling really have come such a long way in the fairly short amount of time since they launched!


@tim7 - I didn’t close my FD account because of the benefits it has. £15 for mobile phone insurance (2 x iPhones @£1000+ each) and the annual travel insurance. That’s unbeatable compared to sourcing those policies individually. This is THE only reason the account is remained open. I won’t use it for anything else as I have no need to. Starling ticks every one of my boxes (and even gives me new boxes I don’t even know I needed).

FD was a game changer many moons ago. Their customer service is great, although the answer time when phoning in has gotten worse over the years, but they are good, just not good enough any more. Dinosaurs died out because they were unable to evolve and react. This is in the post for many existing organisations.


I have kept my Nationwide FlexPlus account open for the same reason - mobile phone insurance covering all phones in the household, family worldwide travel insurance and breakdown cover for £13/month! I’ve searched and I can’t even get mobile cover at a price close to that, never mind the other benefits :slight_smile:


Thanks @Ad13 for the reply.

I do prefer Starling. When I switch over to my Fd account I feel like I’ve gone back in time. The more I use Starling the harder it is to keep using Fd.

The joint accounts was a game changer for me. I am experimenting with Starling a lot more now. It is my spending account but I am testing some direct debits to see what it’s like.

Thanks for the feedback it’s great to hear.

Like others have said Starling has come along way. You can clearly see that feedback that is provided here that Starling are listening and changing. It is a early product but they are listening to their customers.


@tim7 stop sitting in No Man’s Land and move to the dark side! You’ll not regret it one bit!


@ad13 Don’t you mean the teal side? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I foolishly closed my starling account at the beginning of June, am I right in thinking that I will need to wait 12 months before trying to open a joint account as myself and the wife would both need active personal accounts?


You both need personal accounts to open a joint account, and Starling require you to wait 12 months before they allow you to reopen your account. Why did you close it, out of interest?


The short answer - customer service experience

The long answer -
I was on holiday in the canaries in May, received notifications regarding transactions that I didnt recognise, one for netflix, one for an ecommerce site somewhere. Transpires now that I was a victim of the Ticketmaster fraud. It took me over 24hrs to successfully connect to CS via my app, 3 or 4 separate attempts if I remember, each time was getting booted after initial contact and allocation to an advisor. I got my money back after calling netflix from abroad. At the time the starling advisor didnt really offer any help at all for me to lodge a fraudulent claim so wasnt best pleased that I had to do all the leg work, especially as I was on holiday. After this issued passed I decided to give CS the benefit of the doubt.

What tipped me over the edge and decided the CS setup wasnt good enough was when I bought a new phone. I moved from android to ios and also had a new number. This basically caused meltdown on my account and noone seemed to be able to fix it. I spoke to CS via desktop chat, and after 20 mins or so was told to ring up, I did but then received a recorded message telling me to leave details for a callback! I eventually had to plead for help via this forum to get assistance, which in fairness was prompt!

The bad feeling I had just made me think of how much hassle it was to go through the process of contacting CS and having issues resolved and it made me think that if there was ever anything more serious to deal with how much of a problem it would be if I couldnt speak to someone straightaway…

The reason why I want to return is because I was hasty in leaving and closing the account wasnt the best course of action. I should have just let it run alongside my other accounts and allowed for the situation to improve.


Thanks for sharing your reasons for closing your account, Starling are making many improvements across the business, CS being one of them. It would be great to have you back onboard as soon as you can.


I’ll be watching closely incase anyone decides to overturn the 12 month thing


I understand the rationale behind the 12-month rule but it’s a shame there is no leeway when you hear stories like this and people actually want to return.


Me too! Especially in the circumstances where the customer wants to re-open their personal and set up a joint account :man_shrugging:


Any news on CASS for Joint Accounts yet?


Will be in the next few months! We’ll update you as soon as we can. Promise! :slight_smile:


Another plea for CASS for joint accounts. Set up a joint account with my wife and we really want to change from our existing High St bank, but there are too many direct debits, etc, to do it all manually.


I am waiting until CASS is available before I bring over our Joint Account. Hopefully it comes soon


@Barry_Hutchison ditto!