Introducing Joint Accounts


Fine here with personal and joint(only joint has a pic)


Yes wiped both personal and joint


Yep, both my business and personal account photos have been deleted with the recent iOS app update.


Hi Ben, has there been any update on this? I’d be super interested to test the Joint Account CASS when you guys are ready.

Switched my current account six months ago and loving the experience so far. Looking forward to ditching the joint account as well. Starling all the things!


Has anyone had trouble opening a joint account?

My wife and I both get stuck on the ‘Waiting for [name]’ screen- after confirming you’d like to open the account. It just sticks on that screen for 10 mins (that’s the longest we’ve waited).

We’ve tried restarting our phones, deleting the app, reinstalling, standing on one foot, everything. Contacted CS, and they’ve said they’re looking into it, but thought I might try on here, and see if anyone else have experienced this.

She has an iPhone 6S, and I an iPhone 8 Plus.


Is Bluetooth on and is the app allowed microphone access? My app wasn’t allow mic access and it just sat there


Hey Brian… sure is!


Has one of you just signed up for their personal account? There was another thread where Starling said they needed to manually verify the sign up video before Joint Accounts were available.

Just a thought. Otherwise I’m stumped. Let’s hope CS can sort it :grinning:


Heya Logan,

Yep, we’ve both had Personal Accounts for a while.


Can you do me a huge favour and make sure you shout really loudly when CASS is available for joint accounts? That’s all I’m waiting for! :stuck_out_tongue:


Might get shouted at for making a noise, but sure thing :wink:


I like how the Monzo account straight away gives an option to move money between accounts.


Is this a hint of the colour for joint cards… I like green…


Not sure who saw this the other day, so just posting it here too…

We’re changing up the Payments section of the app soon and adding an easier way to transfer money between your personal, joint and any other accounts you hold with Starling! :slight_smile:


My partner’s iphone account is tied to Australia (although she is now a UK citizen), so it looks like we wont be able to go down the starling joint account route :frowning_face:


You can easily download the app, just change the app store location you use, either by using a different email address or by changing her current one to use the UK app store.

It’s simple to do


We’d love to have you guys onboard! We’ll send you a message via the app and hopefully we can find a solution.

Happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, I’ll have a look into that. I have a feeling there was a reason she didn’t want to do that (maybe loosing access to her Australian Apple Music account?), but I’ll double check.


For what it’s worth - You can change to the UK store, download Starling, and then change back to the AUS store for Apple Music :smiley:


I’m currently in Australia for a year and I constantly switch between the UK and Aus app stores. It’s an annoyance but possible. Banking apps should be available worldwide IMO.