Introducing Joint Accounts


We’re very pleased that Joint Accounts are now available to you all in the latest Android (0.46.0) and iOS (0.53.0) apps.

Joint accounts have been one of our most requested features. You’ll be able to save together with shared Goals and get visibility of the spending on your new account with notifications and spending insights. This is a full joint account that both of you will have access to and control of all the money in.

It’s really simple to open an account and should take you only a few minutes to get set up. You’ll need to make sure that you and the other person both have your Starling personal accounts ready and then tap ‘Get another Starling account’. There’s some information about the account and then you find the other person’s app nearby.

There’s a few things to know:

  • Your new joint account debit card will say ‘Joint Account’ under your name and we’re looking at how to make it easier to tell your Starling cards apart in places like mobile wallets at the moment.
  • We’re also working on improved notifications right now but if one of you add your card to a mobile wallet today you’ll both receive notifications. As was discussed on the community we’ll be sending you notifications that tell you who made a transaction and on which account very soon.

Joint & Connected Accounts

The Android app is available now and the iOS app is rolling out across the App Store.


Wooohooo :raised_hands:t2: Joint account here I come. Great job everyone at Starling! This will be huge! Spread the love guys, they deserve this moment :tada:

Top work @ben.chisell @Megan_Caywood @sam @anne @Harry @Kris and all of team Starling!

@Oliver_Wright @LoganAllan and team CS are in for a busy night :grinning:


I been waiting for this for many months. This is huge news.

I be very happy to bring my joint account spending into the future.

Next stage of the Starling journey begins…


Great to hear, Tim. This is sure to make a lot people happy and plenty of new customers joining Starling.


We’ll be here, so if you have any questions ask away!


Quick question, if you have a Individual account, and a business account can you also have a joint account ?


Yes, this is fine.


Is there the option to switch service from my current joint account to Starling in the same way you can with a personal account?


Hey @Karl_R

Not at the moment but we are working on implementing the CASS switch for our joint accounts


Thanks. I’d love to switch for joint accounts, but the amount of work to do so without the switch option makes it impossible at the moment.


I have a personal current account but my partner does not, does she need one for us to have a joint account?

Currently she doesn’t want to switch current accounts but we would like a new joint account for all our bill payments.


Do you know a rough ETA on CASS on joint accounts? If it will be ages I’ll do a ‘manual’ switch


Yes both of you need a Starling personal account, to then open a Joint account.


@ThatGuy, as @daedal correctly said, she will need a personal account with us.

She doesn’t need to do a full switch to Starling :grinning:


Yes she does need a personal account.


It’s hard to give an exact date, but we are working on this at the moment.

We will be looking for testers in the not too distant future, so when we’re ready we’ll ask here for some volunteers!


@ThatGuy, as @daedal correctly said, she will need a personal account with us.

She doesn’t need to do a full switch to Starling :grinning:

Thanks for the quick response, will this always be a requirement or could it change later on?


It’s a requirement for now, but we will be exploring the options of opening a joint account as a non-personal account holder.


Im excited yet hugely disappointed that I can’t open a joint account :unamused: having a business without personal means I can’t open a personal - massive shame that needs fixing in the next release.
But optimistic that starling will be my new bank soon!