Introducing Google Pay 📱


Good morning all! :wave:

Say hello to Google Pay, the new way to pay with Google which makes it easier than ever to speed through checkout with your Starling Bank card.

You can find out more on our website.


Right…ok…don’t laugh…what is Google Pay? Is it just rebranded Android pay? It’s not in the app store yet so I am guessing it will appear soon?

Sorry to be a klutz, but I am from Suffolk and we struggle with electricity let alone tech!! :slight_smile:


Just got this:


That’s right, Google Pay is the new way to pay with Google which replaces Android Pay online, in app and in stores. More details are available here on Google’s website! :iphone:


Well I won’t be using it after it’s rebranded, as I don’t want to have anything to do with Google (or Apple), hopefully we get Samsung Pay at some point.


Sorry, but this

doesn’t make sense… You were happy to use it when this wasn’t called Google Pay but now when they are changing you have an objection. It’s the same service and if you don’t want anything to do with Google, you’ll have to stop using Samsung Andriod phone because they run on Google made OS. I am sure you know all this so what am I missing… :thinking:


Do you use Android Pay now?

What difference does the re-brand make? As really there is no discernible operational difference between Android/Google. (Android is developed by Google with Alphabet being the overall parent company.) I’m interested as to why the re-brand would make you stop using it.

I would like to See Samsung Pay too, though.


I know all that, and I have used Windows Mobile as my phone (also BlackBerry and Symbian) but, and it is a big BUT. All the fintechs I know only have apps for Android and Apple, so to be able to bank I needed a second phone (or to change my phone). I may have begrudgingly used Android Pay as Samsung Pay is not available for Starling, but if big brother Google are going to rub their brand in my face by unnecessarily changing the name, I will drop it. Brands are important, and I would not send my kids to my local school as they have got all Apple products rather than Microsoft.


Where I can, although only some banks have it. I also make contactless NFC payments with bunq bank using their bank app. They chose not to support Android Pay and build their own NFC payments into their bank app. IMHO a great idea conceptually, but I prefer all my banks to use the one system, such as Samsung Pay/Android Pay/Apple Pay


Now this is dedication to a cause!

Not sure I would let it influence the decision as to where to send my kids, but I definitely share the Apple contempt you have - just maybe not quite as badly! :joy:

I still don’t really follow your Android/Google re-branding reason, as I said there’s no difference between the two, but each to their own.


It is OK if your kids are going to work in a design studio where there are Macs and iOS, but the reality of the world is most offices have PCs with Windows and MS Office on. So my kids need to know that. At work we had real problems in one office when we employed a kid who did not know how to use a PC. They need to be prepared for the real world by schools, and schools not just install lots of Macs because they accepted a bribe from Apple of a free iPad per pupil.


I may be missing something here, but it feels like a really good day to be an Android Starling. :+1::grinning:


I don’t think Starling have actually done anything here. As far as I’m aware, all Android Pay cards will be moved to Google Pay when you receive the Google Pay update.

It seems as though for some reason Starling have decided to announce that Google have decided to re-brand an app. Is it a good day to be an Android Starling user? Well, yes, but no better than last Tuesday when also nothing happened :wink:


I got a notification this morning stating (I think) that my Starling card has been added to Google Pay.

I pressed the notification to be taken into the Starling app, but it didn’t show me the notification I wanted to read, and it’s gone from my Android notifications so I can’t read it again.

Starling really need to rethink how they handle notificstions. If you can’t read the full message on your phone and clicking on it opens the bank app, we should be able to read that full message in the app somewhere…maybe in the same part when we chat to customer services?


Absolutely, just to clarify Google have decided to consolidate their payment services and Android Pay is being rebranded as Google Pay. We’ve now made those updates to our terms and communicated the update to you. If you have added your Starling card to Android Pay before, your details will automatically be added to Google Pay when you update the app. That means you don’t need to do anything.

If you’ve never added your card to Android Pay before, sorry for the confusion. We sent the notification to customers who have an Android device on their account rather than just those who use Android Pay. We’ll get this targeting better next time so it doesn’t confuse!

If you missed it the message said:

“Say hello to Google Pay. The Starling Bank card you’ve added to Android Pay will automatically be added to Google Pay when you update the app, so no need to set it again. With Google Pay you’ll continue to enjoy all the benefits you love with Android Pay. Go to to find out more.”

And yes, how we handle notifications it top of my list - I’ll be putting this forward to be improved.


Yeah I agree, notification, when clicked, should give some info because sometimes I tend to just click notifications to see the details without paying much attention to the actual notification;

This was notification btw;


Yes, completely acknowledge this - we’ll aim to get this improved soon.


I agreed to some updated terms but have no idea what updated. Is there a way to make that obvious next time?