Introducing: Garmin Pay ⌚️


It’s official - Garmin Pay is now live for all of our customers. Now you can grab that post-jog smoothie quickly and securely with compatible Garmin devices. No wallet fumbling required. :watch:

Get set up quickly with this blog! :running_woman:

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Garmin Pay

Just gets better and better :slight_smile: :watch:


Another way to pay :grinning:. The list of ways you can pay really does set Starling apart from the competition.


Spot on :ok_hand:t2:


Who’s using Garmin Pay? If so, what do you think?


well done Starling!


I use it, works very well so far. It was actually the reason I got a Starling account in the first place as I was already a Garmin user, I just couldn’t make use of the NFC payment as bank support was limited. Now loving it.


I use Fitbit Pay and love it.


Which device do you use? I looked at the ionic but couldn’t swing my self round to the design in the end. Other than that only the especial edition of the versa has the NFC chip I think.


I use versa and both editions in the UK have the NFC chip. Others markets is different.


Absolutely no problems. Again, I too moved to Starling because of Garmin Pay


Well done Starling!
I am the lucky owner of a Garmin Vivoactive3 and my current bank is a dinosaur when it comes to technologies!!!
Thanks to Garmin Pay (via Garmin forum) I discovered your banks and just created a current account!!! I was not looking at changing bank, but the support of Garmin Pay is indeed important to me (yep, I am a gadget geek!).
I have to admit, I am very impress so far with your bank, app and reactivity!!!
If the experience continues like this, I might as well switch over my accounts to your bank!!!

Thank you for endorsing new technologies, Starling is a very much needed breath of fresh air to the retail banking…
Thank you.


Any chance you own a Garmin, Samsung and iDevice to take advantage of the other payment methods we offer? :wink:


I will set up the Garmin Pay on my watch and Android Pay on my mobile as soon as I receive my card in a few days. no iDevice for me thanks (I don’t like apples :green_apple:!).

Next device will be a new “Surface Go” (windows 10 PC tablette launched yesterday to compete with iPad. It is rumoured to have NFC on-board).


Can you imagine paying for your shopping with your tablet. Almost as bad as those that use their iPad as a camera :man_facepalming:t3:


yep, totally agreed! although it is a small tablet, absolutely not great for payment unless as emergency etc… Agreed ( I do LoL when I see people with iPad in the air to take pictures ! crazy!)


What could perhaps be great is to have a Starling Garmin connect IQ app/widget to quickly see the balance and next due transaction at a glance ??? perhaps a starling Garmin IQ app could be worth considering?


Oh my god! People who use iPads as cameras


Happy to report that Garmin Pay (on Vivoactive 3) work like a treat !
The set up was easy, straight forward and fast…
Paying with the GarminPay on the watch works flawlessly so far! With the notification on the mobile app immediately after!

Very impressed… well done all !


Using a tablet as a camera is great as the whole screen acts as your viewfinder!

PS if I could leave my phone at home and pay with a tablet I would, though prefer using bPay or a watch