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Hi all, please use this discussion topic to provide feedback on our international transfer experience and service. We want to make it even better so let us know how we can do that.

Android Release 0.37.1 - International money transfers
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Starling’s SEPA Credit Transfers are they the traditional SCT or the new spec SCTinst?


Selecting the SWIFT option it is clear how it is going, over SWIFT network from bank A to B.

However, can you clarify what the “local” method is?

Is it using a third party money transfer firm like Azimo or Transferwise? or, have you set up correspondent or agent banks in those countries and you send the money via them? i.e. if you want to send money to an account at Swedbank in Estonia you might send it via LHV Pank?

Will payments via the local method go via SEPA where available, or always thru SWIFT?

Some further details of the local partner set up would be appreciated!

How to send money abroad - from your bank, for less

What should the name of the tab to send money abroad be? Consider it needs to be quite short to allow us flexibility in app.

  • Foreign
  • FX
  • Overseas
  • International
  • Currency

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Or reply and let us know other suggestions.

Android Release 0.37.1 - International money transfers

I’ve never transferred money abroad, so to me “international” gets my vote!


FX for me, as it could be either:

F= Foreign, X=Exchange
F=Foreign, X=Transfer (as the letter X is quite often used to donate a transfer).

It’s also the shortest one on the list.

International would make most sense possibly, but doesn’t fit with the short requirement (unless shortened to Int’l or something).



Local Partner delivery is via a network of partner banks, we access this through a third party. Currently under contractual NDA so cannot share details on this right now.

Where a local payment can be processed via SEPA it is, yes.

We are currently using the traditional SEPA Credit Transfers not instant, although we would like to join the Instant in the future.


Android Release 0.37.1 - International money transfers

Thanks for the detailed reply


Despite not using it as it doesn’t have the currency I require and it’s too slow anyway, I do like how it’s implemented in the app. Regardless of fx fees being hidden or transparent and all that palaver I will ALWAYS use whatever service gets the most foreign currency for the lowest total cost to me.


can we have the name of that local partner? that surely won’t violate the NDA. Transparency you know


sorry, how does disclosing something not violate non disclosure? i don’t get that logic…


NDAs are (usually) about what you do and what you learn from the other party, not about hiding who do you deal with


Let’s keep this thread focused on feedback about international payments (not what an NDA is or isn’t). At the moment our contract with this partner means both parties need to consent before being disclosed. We’re happy to be transparent and will be in due course.


back to the topic. Two related features that I miss on other places and are very important to me at least are:

  1. optional email notification to the payee (CC/me)
  2. pretty PDF receipt/certificate that the transfer was issued including information and mechanisms to verify it


I was trying to do a SWIFT payment last year (not using a high street bank) to Mauritius in GBP. Failed spectacularly, so ended up being charged a really large amount by Nationwide.


I can’t say I’ve used any other specialized companies to send money abroad, but it is something I will be doing soon as I’m intending to spend the majority of next year in North America. Having said that, i’m absolutely loving the lay out and integration of international payments within the app! It looks amazing, transparent and quite cheap compared to the legacy bank I used (something like a £15 flat fee for sending an international payment before additions!)

When you get around to adding a few more currencies, ideally USD and CAD, Starling will most certainly become my financial hub in the UK whilst i’m abroad. Monzo simply can’t compete at this point


If someone does a transfer to a non-ComDirect German account, the partner bank for the Eurozone will show on the statement. Unfortunately my German account is with… ComDirect.

Actually thought this method is pretty common, Transferwise use a bank in Estonia for their Euro transfers, I used to work for the Co-op Bank and they had something called a ‘Structured Payment’ which basically used whatever the main mutual bank was in any given currency area to make the transfer. Given how cheap it is, it’s great.

If incoming payments get converted at mid-market too then I might re-consider using Transferwise for my German invoicing.


I sent some money off to my Dutch account on Thursday evening via the local partner. It has yet to arrive. Am I being impatient or is this something else?


Am I missing something I don’t see the option for sending international payments??


Its a new tab within pay called foreign